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    I sail a Weta Trimaran which is the most fun I’ve had in a small boat in a lifetime of sailing and I’m the dealer for NSW and ACT.

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About Me

I started sailing dinghies as a kid in the UK moving to Lasers in my teens and twenties - and crewing in a variety of other dinghies including team racing in Fireflies.

Then had a hiatus due to work/relationships (as you do) before I saw the light and started racing in Sportsboats in the Solent - including 2 seasons in Hunter 707, 2 in Laser SB3s (including 2 Cowes Week) and I've also raced in Yeomans, Squibs, Sonars and the CYCA Ellliots 5.9 and 6s. 

Since moving to Sydney in 2009, I've had a year racing Etchels and two years racing a Flying TIger 10 in which we won our division in the Audi Winter Series and the RANSA and Royal Edwards Wednesday series.

I live in an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour and there are days I would love to go for a sail, but you need a boat that you can sail single-handed, and I want to something more fun, faster and more flexible than a Laser. So in 2013 bought a Weta 4.4 Trimaran and it's the most fun I've had in a small boat.

I really enjoy the Weta and plan to sail in so many places around the world as I can to meet Weta owners, share knowledge and to promote the class.

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