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  1. The Weta has been selected by US Sailing for the 2018 Multihull Championship for the Hobie Alter Trophy! This is a first for a trimaran. The Hobie Alter Trophy will take place at Wetafest from 19-22 April 2018 at Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club, FL. Time to start planning. More information at wetaflorida.com
  2. You could try asking on the Yahoo Weta Forums and ask if any are for sale in the area. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Weta-Trimarans/info Otherwise the usual places http://m.sailboatlistings.com/view/64597 and the local dealer http://wetaflorida.com/ Hope this helps
  3. The water absorption issue have been resolved since the 1960's and many boats are now made using foam core (e.g. The Aero) as well as using it for making warships and wind generator vanes. The new Performance Weta uses a Divinycell core - a semi-rigid PVC foam used as a sandwich core material when strength, stiffness and low weight is desired. It has excellent insulating properties and a closed-cell structure that makes it impervious to water. Early foam cores had an open cell structure which soaks up water like a sponge once the outer skin gets punctured and I found this on the Cats
  4. Yes, with the traveller setup you can keep hold of the tiller through the tack. You can hike at the stern in the same way and either grab the tiller and leave the extension to stream in the water - or hold the extension near the tiller so that the rest is over your shoulder. In fact if you let the traveller down to leeward with the traveller setup, it means that the tiller can have a wider arc beyond the edge of the cockpit and so it gives more space to get your feet under the centre strap. Having the extension in front with a crew is no different to any other boat with a traveller s
  5. It's only a 16hr flight from Washington DC to Tahiti via LAX from $2,500. Too far? Try living in Australia! :-)
  6. There were two Wetas racing - see the results here. The new 9.3SqM sail was developed for exactly those light wind conditions and there's also the lightweight (15 Kg lighter) foam-core hull available too. There's a dealer on Tahiti and I suspect those boats are chartered out so it may be why they weren't being sailed very well - two people sitting on the windward side in light winds isn't going to help. They would have done better to unfurl the screecher and use it as a code zero - which is particularly effective under 5 knots as you can keep moving even if you can't point very
  7. Fleet of boats with the new SQ 9.3 at Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
  8. The SQ 9.3 sail is available now and being shipped direct from North's factory to Weta dealers. It can also be ordered as an inexpensive upgrade with new boats instead of the Standard 8.3 sail. The lightweight foam-core Performance hulls are in production and can also be ordered from Weta dealers.
  9. New SQ 9.3 demo sail on test in Sydney
  10. There's a survey for Weta owners on changes to the class rules resulting from the experience at the WMG which used the US rules. The inaugural online meeting for the Australian Weta Class Association is on 8th July at 8am AEST. Details and agenda here
  11. Unlike the Laser, the Weta has a cleat on the main and it's also much wider and more stable when tacking. So in heavy winds, I ease the main and cleat it before tacking and then push the tiller over and keep hold of the tiller and main in one hand while using the other to tack the jib. Then I swap hands and bring on the main again but if it's really windy or gusty I don't cleat it. Keeping hold of the tiller allows you much more control of the tacking speed when it's windy to give you time to cross the boat and get out on the tramp.
  12. There were over 50 Wetas at the World Masters Games with 30 solo entries. We were using the US rules which allow unlimited running rigging and deck hardware and thus we were able to "pimp the Weta" to make some improvements. Particularly the Australian Weta Team who shipped over a container of Wetas for the event. I have documented the mods here The Mod which made the most difference in terms of boat handling and safety was the development of a traveller using a rope around the rear ama arms. Initially we just attached the mainsheet block to a loop in the centre of the travelle
  13. At my local sailing club you'll find "one design" boats gathering dust at the back of the boat park locked because their owner has discovered the "next new thing" or a better, more modern, lighter alternative and so I'm pleased the Weta has evolved since it was launched. There have been a number of options for Wetas (larger kite, furling jib, smaller main) for many years and its up to the National Class Association to decide what is the " best" option for "one-design" racing. For example, you could choose to add 10Kg weights to the foam boats for class racing and use only 8.3SqM sails.
  14. I have a feeling that the boat weight in the original flyer may have been "optimistic". I know that the original boats that were produced in New Zealand were lighter (and some of them were foam construction) but they did get heavier when production moved to China and also as heavier sailors started to sail them they were gradually beefed up. When the French produced the boat specs for their rules they weighed and measured a sample of boats and produced a minimum weight of 120Kg with an average of 125Kg which was also adopted for the US rules. I'm 85 Kg and my old boat (2009 #325) req
  15. Weta have just announced a larger square top main (9.3 vs 8.3 sqm) and lighter foam built hull (12kg lighter) which will make it quicker in the light stuff and easier to manoeuvre on land. www.wetamarine.com/news-and-events/exciting-new-upgrade-options-for-weta/
  16. Weta also have class reps and dealers around the world who help with local PR but in the modern era it does require that they are active on social media.
  17. For the armchair followers the Weta entrants are Linda Wright (Gadget Girl) back for a faster finish after being the first Weta (and first solo female) to finish the event last year. And Mark Ellison (Triman) who has completed the EC twice previously in a Hobie Ti and is the current record holder for male solo TI. Follow the event tracker here http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx
  18. And to prove the point that Wetas are forgiving and can be sailed by Para sailors in most conditions, here's Neil Patterson (Level 4) doing exactly that:
  19. I think one of the reasons the WIndrider wasn't chosen is that, without a dagger/centreboard, it doesn't go to windward very well and they want to introduce "stadium-style" racing for the Paralympics with short, constrained courses and close racing. But the main reason sailing was dropped from the Paralympics is that it didn't have enough international participation and The Weta has much wider world participation/distribution than Windrider. However, currently every country ships all of their race and support boats to every international Para event (which of course only rich countries can
  20. To be able to lap the Weta, the Waspz has to be upright and up on the foils and the ones I've seen don't seem to be able to do either for more than a few seconds. In one race series (3 races) of 10-15 knots, we lapped the Waspz every time.
  21. Paralympic sailor Chris Sharp testing the Weta The Paralympic boat selection is coming up very soon - I'd encourage any Weta owners to offer to take out Paralympic sailors as the selectors need feedback from actual sailors.
  22. Tacking Methods - more tips and tricks on the Weta Wiki here There are three methods of tacking in use by Weta sailors: 1. Dave from Weta West https://youtu.be/zegyWkjLJPA Thrown the mainsheet onto the opposite tramp. Push the tiller over and lay it on the tramp, uncleat the jib as you tack and grab the sheet on the new side. Pull on the jib and reach back for the tiller at the same time. Pro: Works in all winds. Facing forward. Con: You have to let go of the tiller during the tack and reach back for it after. Can lead to overtacking if you push the tiller too far. 2. Miranda from Wet
  23. The NOR for the WMG Regatta is now available here and registration has opened. There are 35 Wetas available for charter and we're also looking at shipping in a container load from Australia for about AU$2-300 per boat, as well as offering an option to order a new boat for delivery at the WMG regatta and have it shipped home afterwards. If you're based in Australia and you go for a test sail in a Weta in 2016, you can win free entry to the WMG Regatta - details here.
  24. Jonathan Weston made the Front Page of SA! http://sailinganarchy.com/2014/09/01/wet-fun/
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