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  1. Ah yes, you tell the kids these days about short tacking a 180% headsail and they won't believe you! Edit: Said in my best Monty Python voice...
  2. We've toned down quarantine requirements now DG, not 14 weeks anymore
  3. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a memory that Bret Perry who does the Bar Karate podcast had something to do with XSP. Not sure if he's on SA these days but you could chase it up through them if you wanted.
  4. I don't have time to look it, up so make of that what you will, however it was said in another thread somewhere that it was only the loosing boat from the match that is barred by the deed of gift from sailing in the next match, so only applies to Luna Rossa. My guess would be that since the deed didn't foresee hulls being cut up and partially modified then in the case of the deed it has to be a 100% new hull.
  5. I'm putting you on ignore just for reminding me of that god awful song!
  6. I certainly have no idea what it is but I'm guessing that it's some sort of solenoid disconnect for the electrical system, to stop the systems getting fried when there is a large ingress of water such as in a capsize or huge stuff in. Saves the system but needs everything to reboot once the issue has cleared.
  7. I'd heard murmurings over the past decade mentioning possible changes to trapeze hook rules but didn't know it was already locked in! https://www.sailingresources.org.au/news/trapeze-harness-rules-changed/
  8. Considering our club mandates flares for Cat 7, I'd be all for having them as an alternative, especially if it worked out cost neutral. I'd even go for them if they were a bit more expensive as I hate disposing of flares every few seasons.
  9. Interesting tiller setup there, some sort of "drive by wire" thing?
  10. Yeah I get that DG, and the devil will be in the detail as far as the protocol is concerned. My comment was more of a broader "out there question" that in the current situation of commercial teams with token club oversight, any team can be an emerging nation challenger, given the right financial backing.
  11. Seems like it would be easy to pick any valid club from an emerging nation to challenge from. Probably with financial benefits to this as well! You're not locked in to defend there if you win, so what's the issue?
  12. They had probably just watched the YouTube video on gybing a symmetrical spinnaker!
  13. The reverse camber in the top of all three wings is quite noticeable in those shots! It's hard to see relative angles on those shots but I still think AUS had started to come up to cross behind UK before the capsize started. Not as an avoiding action, more a defending against USA kind of thing.
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