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  1. Longobarda? Something like that anyway...
  2. Wash your mouth out @Cristoforo
  3. Bottom of the keel so you don't run aground...
  4. and if Larry doesn't want to play it goes to Alinghi?
  5. I'm not sure what your point is @Bruce Hudson, that prohibited action is EXACTLY what the video was showing the coach training them in and ultimately congratulating the middle boat for doing better!
  6. So what do you think it adds to sailing then @Snowden? My current ride is a foiling board. I've also sailed yachts, dinghies and multihulls. I've raced one of the heaviest dinghies in the Finn and one of the lightest dinghies in the Moth. Nothing in sailing any of those boats changes my mind that the wire humping just is an awful progression for sailing. It does nothing to promote better sailing, it's just trying to make a slow boat a little bit faster. but hey, that's just my * old man voice* speaking
  7. I don't know if most will be able to see this video but when Olympic sailing allows and promotes this then all hope is lost... https://www.facebook.com/470olympicsailing/videos/10159751226964301
  8. NNYC? Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club? Edit: The Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club (NNYC) has been in existence since 1864, making it one of the oldest Yacht Clubs in the country. Sorry, couldn't resist
  9. It's because the rarefied World Sailing grand Pubars thought that the omnipotent ability to make decision over their subjects transfered to the IOC as well...
  10. I think your biggest issue is "The stability of a catamaran , but the beam of a mono to fit in single mono sized berths". Cats kinda get their stability from beam...
  11. more standing headroom at least LB
  12. Adam's 10 will generally spank the Etchells Ray. You could look up rating certificates for ORC as both boats should have an OD rating. This will give you some sort of speed comparison.
  13. Here in Australia stainless steel lifelines are mandated for all categories where lifelines are fitted. Having said that you are allowed carbon stanchions! Go figure... Edit: Looks like World Sailing says SS wire for Cat 3 and above, dyneema okay for 4 and down. (ref 3.14.6.a)
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