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  1. Did the SCOR on the Cole43 Bacardi, back in the days of bloopers.
  2. I too sailed with Bruce on JanIV which had an E22 rig, including the Port Hacking Regatta which featured Jlaw. JanV was the 5.5 which followed which we did the 85/86 Worlds in. James Wilmot steered his fathers production 1/2tonner, I can't remember the design [Peterson/Holland]. Warren Johns had the Farr 1/2 Spring Loaded.
  3. Lady Grace was Max Tunbridge's own boat [following on from Grace Darling] with a metalflake gelcoat like a ski boat. Max had every locker under the settees built with foam backing for use as eskies. When the boat was at the Brisbane Boat Show he had a bet with Ken Down as to how long a bag of ice would last in each - won easily. Grace Darling had a standard masthead rig, Lady Grace pushed the rig a little higher making it a fractional. The other thing that Max had was a small winch for every line as it was easier for his family to trim.
  4. And met and had a few beers with a few other Anarchists along the way - cheers.
  5. What he said.
  6. 15 years ago eh? That young fellow of yours has grown a little since taking this pic. That's DCMJ/Blake looking at his phone, I'm on the tiller and your're on the outboard. Yes it was a little cool, wouldn't say cold though coming up the coast in a southerly. Bunabaroo who helped the girls up the coast and then sailed with us on the starboard and Mel standing on the port side of Animus behind. Good times and memories.
  7. What he said, delivery home?
  8. Yes, Gelignite was a near sister to the Lexcen Eureka, couple of feet longer @ 35'.
  9. Sailed on Gelignite last century when she was new. Good boat but nothing special. Don't know whereabouts now however.
  10. We did a few Pittwater - Coffs races on the N30, in fact one was the quickest I've done - under 30hrs. Not too shabby for a 30'er. I don't know of any that have done the Hobart Race however.
  11. The demise of my favourite Davidson One Tonner.
  12. Could it be one of my favourites?
  13. Anywhere where there is a palm tree [or group of] at the finish line.
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