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  1. Windsor Yacht Club puts on an overnight race every year that is for Canadian and US sailors. When you pass by the club before the race to report in and give them your sail numbers, they hand you a fifth of CC whisky. It's one we look forward to every year. From the Windsor Yacht Club website. Canadian Club Race Canadian Club isn't just a great whisky, it's a renowned international sailing race hosted by Windsor Yacht Club. The Canadian Club Invitational Yacht race, now in it's 48th year, is an annual tradition deeply rooted in the community and among sailors. With more th
  2. They didn't call him lefty for nuttin, you know.
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Joke thread is the place for a joke.
  4. Insurance companies. Forced extortion with a smile, sometimes.
  5. One of my trips to Mexico City, the local sales rep asked if I wanted to go to the titty bar or the pyramids. First, I asked him "there isn't a titty bar called the Pyramids, is there?". He said no, so I said lets go to the pyramids much to his disappointment. Had to walk through the gauntlet of vendors selling crap to get to the Sun / Moon temples. Kids started at the beginning of the vendor area following me tugging my arm saying "plato, plato $50". I kept saying "no gracias". Kept pestering me up to the entrance of the actual pyramids with the price down to $7. Still not intereste
  6. I also got a great deal on 2020 GC Limited last May. A good upgrade from the 2008 Liberty I had (now son is using it).
  7. could have been more of a floppy disc.................
  8. 20 inches you could have shipped it UPS. Sorry, could not resist.
  9. reminds me of the first paycheck my daughter received. All she could say is "WTF is the government taking all my money!?" Welcome to adulthood, is all I could say.
  10. Is that a different version of toss my salad?
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