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  1. Join up with the Simple Jack La-Z-Boy Warrior Division ® and we'll get you on the next plane across the pond. With all the oil there, the whole thing will pay for itself, right? Spoils of war my man , just use the spoils of war. It just like taking land form the Indians.
  2. Cant we just kill everyone and take the oil.
  3. like when you get fooled into voting for someone thinking that "things are gonna be different"? As opposed to McCain ?
  4. Its a question of balance, and of course right and wrong. Many time the poor and disadvantaged are used as a smoke screen by the right. Yet the corporations are god. I dig that cash is king , but dont get fooled by the misdirection.
  5. unemployed carpenter willing to build gallows for cash
  6. It really turned my head around. I thought idea of our governments main purpose was to protect private property , and life. This kind of perversion of the concept, for the common good , is one of the things that has gotten us into this mess.
  7. In 2005 the homes and land of citizens was taken by the city of New London , ct.. This was done to provide land for a private developer, with Pfizer corp. as the beneficiary. In the end Pfizer pulled out after taking huge tax breaks from New London. This happened during a conservative administration. Call it corporate fascism, I do .
  8. good thing you got video , because I think Shay's tits are heading south.
  9. My jeans are a little tighter now . Ah , just unbuttoned my fly , thats better , get the picture
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