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  1. XL2 is on the boarder of max width for length.... to the point where it is way more likely to pitchpoll than capsize..... Sailing A narrow 14-16ft version of XL2 in my paddock would be super stressful .... and not on my to own list
  2. All looks nice and quick but I personally see no reason for a narrow boat unless built for cheap berthing like a Reynolds 33 (narrow beam 14ft..?) It's a one trick pony for day use. Beam = safety. It's a bit like Atomic https://www.yoti.com.au/listing/mbd-50-atomic Obscene money for a day sailor but if you've got it................
  3. Not sure if this link will work https://www.facebook.com/688454804905080/videos/953122958755866
  4. OMR is great but weighing your boat every two years... not so much
  5. We have one in port hacking as well
  6. I didn't see that style of music coming from him
  7. CYC is pushing ahead but i will be surprised if it happens So cyca dates are: 30th October– Race 1: Flinders Islet Race 0955 5 November – Reserve Date (Tollgate islands race )1855 13 November – Race 3: Bird Island Race 0955 20 November – Reserve Date( Not sure if this will run) But if it doesn’t we will do the Port hacking race instead 0955 27-28 November MhYC regatta ( Will be a TP Regatta) Saturday Sunday 3 December – Race 4: Cabbage Tree Island Race 1855 11 December Trophy series 26 December – Race 5: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
  8. What's the catch....? $175K usd seems too low
  9. Apparently it sold...... phewwww... that was close
  10. Awesome.... a proa thread..... let's see how this goes
  11. Many here are suggesting the big C is built for record breaking only and so not expected to do well at this regatta ... I disagree. The boat is set up quite different now to when Kristy owned it... Jim Cooney changed it's narrow performance window and gave it much better light wind performance... 8-12 knots.... The boat still should have won all races on line so I can only think they lacked some experience / time on board.
  12. The orange boat sold about 1.5 yeas ago to Stephen in Pittwater. he had owned Cynophobe before I bought it. I was surprised he bought this Raider and now he is selling it... not sure why... Boss Racing is good buying ay that price...
  13. Oh man I would love to.... the logistics of ongoing maintenance and no mooring for it would be an issue... But @Barefoot Wazza may be keen
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