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  1. XL2 is now 42 ironically and weighs exactly 3200kg with sails. fuel, anchors as we sail it. I didn't get an OMR cert because I would use one once a year so the cost every 2 years is silly Yep
  2. Top Gun should be quicker all around... Slime weighs 3100kg but I suspect that is absolute light ship. XL2 and Slime are a better comparison. They are very similar in many ways. It appears to be off the market. I hope John got his money and it means there are buyers out there for our style of boat... https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/crowther-shockwave-modified-lengthened-updated/268870 I might need a fancy video .
  3. you forgot Vir (Speedviraminfolaw)
  4. Wow...? Who bought it...? What happened ...?
  5. I'm always curious why they don't win more in the junior divisions or Olympics when they are a sailing mad nation Yep as we predicted he is now in 9th after the gybe and all is equalized..... What an amazing race and class these 40's are. Top 13 within 100 miles and the top 22 within 200miles Who is the leading non scow 40....?
  6. Honestly ... I don't expect to sell my boat quickly as there are only so many buyers out there for XL2. I'm am still enjoying it and the crew keep turning up so .......... but if i were to sell i would buy a cheap little (28-30ft) racing multi and i will look at a cruising cat (block of flats) that my girl and friends can also enjoy
  7. Go you halves Jas https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/2014-new-england-boatworks-rambler-88-7827359/
  8. Stephen.... tell me you didn't buy another boat....?
  9. I agree on Lipinski... An awesome effort to get back but 4 /5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / and even 9th place are in a better position angle wise. Lipinski's gybe angle will be ugly
  10. It's hiding nothing... It's a great boat.... just had the deck painted... I raced against it yesterday
  11. Settle..... it is Anarchy It's weird how much the world has changed since this place started..... Back in the day the personal attacks would be expected and commenting on who the hottest female sailor is would have started on the first page before the race start Everyone's so politically correct and nicey nicey...... Lets not take it too seriously.... life I mean
  12. In Australia it would cost $100k for a cheap ally mast, sails, and a very basic tidy up...... the boat isn't worth that.... some things need to be scrapped You can have my boat for $108,000 British spondoolies
  13. Awesome looking boat ... doesn't seem to perform but that could be the driver
  14. What's happening here...? https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/crowther-shockwave-modified-lengthened-updated/268870
  15. Much better all round... definitely quicker
  16. I added 4ft on LWL and came in at the same weight
  17. XL2 is on the boarder of max width for length.... to the point where it is way more likely to pitchpoll than capsize..... Sailing A narrow 14-16ft version of XL2 in my paddock would be super stressful .... and not on my to own list
  18. All looks nice and quick but I personally see no reason for a narrow boat unless built for cheap berthing like a Reynolds 33 (narrow beam 14ft..?) It's a one trick pony for day use. Beam = safety. It's a bit like Atomic https://www.yoti.com.au/listing/mbd-50-atomic Obscene money for a day sailor but if you've got it................
  19. Not sure if this link will work https://www.facebook.com/688454804905080/videos/953122958755866
  20. OMR is great but weighing your boat every two years... not so much
  21. We have one in port hacking as well
  22. I didn't see that style of music coming from him
  23. CYC is pushing ahead but i will be surprised if it happens So cyca dates are: 30th October– Race 1: Flinders Islet Race 0955 5 November – Reserve Date (Tollgate islands race )1855 13 November – Race 3: Bird Island Race 0955 20 November – Reserve Date( Not sure if this will run) But if it doesn’t we will do the Port hacking race instead 0955 27-28 November MhYC regatta ( Will be a TP Regatta) Saturday Sunday 3 December – Race 4: Cabbage Tree Island Race 1855 11 December Trophy series 26 December – Race 5: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
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