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  1. well i am so lucky that the only fault of mine that you know and are trying to make public is my dumbness. imagine if you knew it all i would be in a really bad situation. congrats to you also, for your awesome education and smartness
  2. true never been in one; just didnt hear kevin reporting that got in the tps in 4 sec; he said the boat broke in 4 sec, and the other guy said it is impossible and he was lying; i just found like that was disrespctuful given the situation
  3. you sound like have never left the couch. get some carbon gear, go offshore on 20kt boat speed, then you will understand what 4sec is
  4. how long can someone survive on life raft on that kind of weather that he's experiencing?
  5. mate please explain me why do you fucking do that shit? even if it is sarcasm or not... for fuck sake find a girl
  6. it was in rio... and just discovered the name of the boat "bichona" ; trust me that means faggot in english... or could be like "huge faggot"... the boat that she smashed and took the mast was a classic over 100 years old...
  7. that shit only happens in brazil VID-20201116-WA0053_(1).mp4
  8. to me by the videos looks like AT could have covid. he should be wearing a mask at all times. latest research suggests carbon surfaces are very prone to keeping theses dangerous virus alive for years even inside the water.
  9. WhatsApp_Video_2020-08-10_at_5_55.07_PM.mp4
  10. it is a prank... these guys have been joking around for years now...
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