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  1. Haha. I love Stinger, but that made me laugh. Good to see you sailby
  2. dogwatch!! One of the true originals here. Great to see you mate.
  3. FFS, I wander in here after ages away, see this thread, and I'm reminded of why I stopped coming in very much. Why are there always those 1-2 unhinged asshole NZ fanboys at all times? Literally every Kiwi I know IRL is such a solid person. I don't understand it. Hoggie was right--these boards used to be gold. Informative and entertaining all at once. But the Twitter mentality seems to have invaded. Ironically all things that the Kiwi fans criticized for so long and swore they'd never do...their team is now doing. Only the blindest cheerleaders would say "tHiS tImE iT's DiFfErEnT!" So
  4. IDK about you guys, but I miss Te Kooti saying that the cause of the AM problems is a....Taniwha!
  5. You win dumbest comment of the day. Congrats!
  6. So great to see so many old timers back here in the forums. @ncs: Incredibly impressive setup!
  7. Ah man that 2nd pic of all the guys standing there looking at the gaping hole in front of them is so sad.
  8. I have to say, even though I am a proud American who has really enjoyed hassling all you mouth-breathing NZ idiots for nigh unto 13 years here on the forums, it was really great to see all the teams jump in to help today. And with TNZ chief amongst them, it warmed my heart seeing the pics of Burling doing hard work at a time of crisis on behalf of a chief rival* This is why I've always respected my NZ friends and colleagues. You boys down there really embrace the concepts of fair competition and sportsmanship. Kudos. Fingers crossed AM can get back in the game somehow, but as was wel
  9. Well look at this! Life moves so quickly that all of a sudden it's a month, then a year, then a couple more and I realize that without noticing, I miss all my old AC Anarchy friends. Oh, and it helps that the event is coming up and starting to get onto the radar more and more. I think for a second..."should I really wade back into that cesspool and mix it up with those mouth-breathers? Maybe I'd be better off just watching the event outside of the forums." But nah, I've not logged in for literally a few years, but I should go take a look to see what everyone is saying and w
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