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  1. So lucky they didn't loan Defiant to Stars + Stripes. Ay
  2. See that little white square on the foredeck That's the air vent for the FCS Wonder where the batteries are located? Wonder what heavy thing experienced G's in deceleration going to Port? My bet is there is a set of LiPo batteries on the seabed somewhere off Mission Bay
  3. Sorry took so long Got home late last night and had to work today Which way up does this go?
  4. To much windward heel and the flat of the outer foil came out all at once After slowing look at the mast head , why the kink?
  5. The Americans have already eluded to non foiling class if they win Italy stated the current class is too technical so will probably change too England will probably be so shell shocked they won , they'll not know what to do. That leaves ETNZ will hopefully keep with some tweaks. This'll suit me as Id love to develop a class of these at 4 foot long Second boat in build now Closest racing is in the slowest boats (eg Fremantle 87)
  6. True that Bring more of it on I remember in the 2000 cup TVNZ made a lot of down the mast shots of all the challengers but none of the defender (they were a sponsor) Wonder if the same will happen this time?
  7. Finally a good shot of A main top control device Idiots Team UK Boat 1
  8. When scanning. Scan right to left as if left to right your brain thinks its reading and fills in more info. SAS teach this way
  9. Breakdown of systems we can see JIB SHEET Inside on ETNZ 1 Winch is third man back Shot shows sheet lead running inboard then fwd Next shot shows Jib traveler photo'd port side Sheet runs from winch aft up the centerline and runs outboard to Trav car then up to floating block back to Trav car and dead ends outboard. Minimal force to adjust / lots of for/aft movement ETNZ Boat 2 Winch is further aft and sheet exits onto deck (yellow arrow) Now runs like a normal sheet and dead ends to sail Trav slot denotes there isn't much for aft movement now
  10. Oh Dear Lets try this again for the slow guys. The struts on all the other boats are fastened to the vertical aero foil spout Inside these are runners for the top rudder bearing to run along. ETNZ have done away with a lot of the weight of that fitting because the side loads are now born directly by the struts That means the bottom of the struts rotate. That rotation line is from the bottom of the strut, through the bottom rudder bearing and on to the bottom of the other strut Meaning this system can only be done on a boat that has a flat stern (AKA ETNZ B2)
  11. Note top rudder bearing area The 2 stabilizer arms coming off the sides are fixed on other boats You can see its connected directly to the top rudder bearing and the scope of movement can be seen by the gap fwd and aft Keep an eye on this gap if you want to know rudder angles (upwind vs downwind etc) The other boats cant do this as they have too much curvature in the hull at this point
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