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  1. MBYC RC deserves some criticism but the blame lays squarely at the feet of the PC, a former commode door of the same club as the whiners from smoking j
  2. Unless he has some low grade web cam porn action from the Sprout Scow.
  3. You are confusing skill with blind luck and seaworthy with drifting hulk. The fact that this hippy has drifted his scow to the bottom of the Earth without sinking or killing anyone is I suppose some accomplishment but do not for a minute think him a responsible or capable sailor.
  4. Aren't you the same idiots that swore up and down that they did not hit a freighter?
  5. Maybe for you, he's a dick! An admitted one as well.
  6. Hasn't this been settled?
  7. Oh yes, let's restrict users because the sage "anachists" with time in grade are sooo much better! Please. I have read this thread and my post reflected the fact that you are all having a collective circle jerk about some other idiot drifting around the southern ocean. Excuse me while I yawn.
  8. Of really, yeah I had not figured that out. Yes, maybe I can take my newbie cunt out of here. Let me think about that for a while. While I am doing that maybe you can eat my fuck.
  9. Tough guy. You people need another hobby. The idiot drifting around the world is at least in his own little demented world, you fashion a new one every few days. You people can't put two cohesive thoughts together.
  10. 278 pages and this is the best you can do?
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