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  1. Tip & Shaft is also in English. https://us12.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=1e692787e2c4cc3370813fca1&id=c14fb1e01d Great newsletter every Friday
  2. Interesting tracks for last boats https://gis.ee/sh/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueVM-6PuHr0
  4. Comanche is still looking good https://gis.ee/sh/
  5. Try incognito/private browsing window. https://gis.ee/sh/
  6. Windy tracker is also working this year: https://gis.ee/sh/
  7. HB relased very detailed 3d model of the boat https://sketchfab.com/models/23ba372e2a5446688b414dc93df5ac59/embed?
  8. Tip&Shaft newsletter in english: https://mailchi.mp/tipandshaft/tip-shaft-14-don-mcintyre-the-next-ggr-winner-might-be-21-or-younger-diam-24-better-organised-with-a-more-cohesive-race-structure
  9. MR is like schoolboy with "Dog ate my homework" excuse after getting caught cheating. If you break rules and it is really not your fault then you will fill request for redress form. Making excuses days after finish is just pathetic and discredits our sport.
  10. There were 10% time penalty for not using nav lights (electrical failure) in Offshore Worlds this year. 10% sounds good for making yourself invisible for short time period. But whole race without AIS?
  11. Big separation gone small again. https://gis.ee/sh/
  12. Windy tracker is also working. 10 minutes between updates. https://gis.ee/sh/
  13. I have received dozen emails/private messages about my tracker for this year. I have updated to new Windy version and I hope it will work on boxing day https://gis.ee/sh/
  14. http://www.yachtingworld.com/yachts-and-gear/extraordinary-boats-rambler-88-winning-races-opposite-sides-world-70817 Great stuff
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