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  1. So we are potentially thinking about getting a J70 in Annapolis. Boat would be casually raced. One design events in town, maybe one or two travel regattas. Not going to be PRO program just fun times banging around the course. Currently have a big boat program (Not my boat) but that owner and crew want to do some small boat fun stuff. People sailing boat ages (60, 40, 50, 30 aprox.) - Pros Cons? - We better suited with an 80? - Anyone have an 80 to sell?
  2. Zuul is a solid program and good people. I have been racing against them for years. I find it extremely hard to believe they would have done this intentionally. I was not in their class for this race and thus have no dog in the fight, but have been in many previous races. My assumption would be an equipment failure, and it is not always possible to know that you are not transmitting. Did anyone reach out to Zuul on the VHF and notify them or ask them if they were having issues? Not starting shit asking seriously.
  3. Hammer's Daughter Heidi is launching "The Mighty Dread" and doing race for the case this year as a tribute to Jeff. Everyone should be out to race against Dread!! With Hammer watching from above it will be windy as a mother fucker if he has his way.
  4. Like this kind? Aint that some shit!
  5. Because Yachtscoring does not have the helpful advertisements on the side. You need those.
  6. What about giving out awards Sunday after racing, like the rest of the world does? No way! That is what everyone will expect you to do. I would think if you wait till November for the case you should least be given the interst that case of Rum would have accrued in that time period. Based on inflation my guess would be a case of rum would earn a 12 pack of Bud Heavy's in interest. But that is an off the cuff guess.
  7. saw your post about Deale...I moved to Deale 4 years ago. I like it, not many good places to eat but other than that its the Redneck Riviera

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