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  1. Yep, I’m 4 months into my infected hip prosthesis. We (my ortho Doc and I) elected a different surgery than the explant and spacer your wife had. That was discussed. If the current less difficult approach I had in December of open it up, pull it apart again, irrigate, debride, replace the “plastic” parts, close up with antibiotic beads and home with big followup antibiotics via a PICC line for 3 months (which I just finished) is not successful then I’ll be headed to your wife’s surgery next......maybe. There are a few other complications I won’t bore you with but yes an infected hip replacemen
  2. Generally......very young testosterone filled males......oh and way too much alcohol on board helps as well.
  3. Screw tops are vastly superior to cork closures when it comes to failures. No tainted screw caps. Some really nice wines offer both closure methods now but.......we wine geeks like opening corks. It’s part of the whole ceremony. As a result, the screw tops have failed to really catch on. Storage? Screw tops can be stored in any position. Light, vibration and temperature are your enemies still so be mindful of that. Anything you’re going to drink in a few months or so don’t worry about those either...except temperature........that will kill any wine. Too warm is very bad.......big swings in te
  4. Already mentioned it. On liberty in Hong Kong. Limeys in as well. Same bar. A couple smart ass remarks and it off to the races with everybody in the bar. Shore Patrol showed up. Not sure you could claim a win on either side. The Skipper was not happy. Next day some number of us ran into some number of them at the local athletic field but we were all sober and a rugby game broke out. That hurt a lot worse than the bar escapade. 1971 ish.
  5. As the current owner of a 3 year old double hip replacement, I’d be surprised if they are willing to do it until some time after the virus. Hip infections of the prosthesis are a hell of a thing to get through. Believe me I know. A virus is less likely an infectious agent than a bacteria but a recovering or compromised immune is ripe for a secondary opportunistic bacterial infection. .....it’s a very very bad thing.
  6. Well let's see............the J&J has a one in every million serious side effect rate. The Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DPT) vaccine has a serious side effect rate (severe allergic reactions) of.................................1 in a million. So....I'll get me my DPT shot without panic over the complication rate but not a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Hmmmmmmmmm A pause to sort it out is good since the complications seem to cluster around a certain gender/age group but this notion that suddenly the numbers are cause for panic............I guess it depends on how you feel about all the oth
  7. So a very brief GTS makes it clear that for several reasons which I won’t bother to repeat (links below) including who are “covered entities” or in plain talk, who the HIPPA restrictions apply to. One good point is that HIPPA is not the only statute that addresses privacy of any information medical or otherwise that may the basis for a legal challenge. One of the links also point out that POTUS, the National, State and County Public Health officials have considerable powers to quarantine, require vaccine proof to enter the country etc. There is even a Cali elected official proposing a statute
  8. No problem with the disagreement........and I will admit my HIPPA compliance experience which is considerable is completely within the public/governmental sector. The distinction might be important but I don’t think so......(he says without a great degree of confidence ). It is an interesting spin on the question.......I might have to do a little internet sleuthing......or as my adult kids say “GTS” which apparently stands for “Google That Shit”.
  9. I shudder at the blood and body fluid exposures over my years of service. But I think I’ll save those stories for another thread, another time. Hoping the best for Hobot.
  10. This is correct. There is already precedence - and post HIPPA which I find most people do not fully understand - for a required proof of a medical record in order to do something voluntarily. In other words you can disclose the required data or choose not to do something that requires it. Several examples are childhood vaccinations to attend school. Parents can choose not to disclose and the school can then bar attendance. Current firefighter testing includes passing a medical entrance physical exam. Don’t want to disclose the results of the exam......be a cop. So while one cannot compel
  11. Thanks for the post. That anniversary would have slid by without notice. Didn’t read or hear a thing about it. I don’t need to dwell on it.....but it’s worth an acknowledgment and a moment of thought.
  12. Well of course it is. Do you think vaccines are 100% effective? I think perhaps you know better and just enjoy the trolling? Let me know so I can drive on or provide you some resources on vaccinations. I'm not really into the verbal jousting.
  13. Actually that’s incorrect. You indeed can worry at lot less. Some (not large) number of vaccinated people still wind up infected......and we really don’t know about all the variants and the original vaccines yet.
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