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  1. Hello, I have two friends (a couple) that are regular day sailing guests here in the Bay Area on my Islander 36. The husband is a tech who can now basically work from anywhere, and the wife works at a local museum which has been closed, was open, but now is closed again due to restrictions being re-imposed. They (particularly the wife) have kind of gotten the sailing bug, and perhaps because of my descriptions of Caribbean charters, are interested in possibly doing a month long charter there sometime this winter (assuming travel restrictions and local regulations allow it).
  2. kadyca


    I was down at my sister's house in LA for Greek easter and tried to get in touch with the broker for the boat both by email and phone, and then after dropping my mom off at LAX, I actually drove up 101 pn my way back to SF rather than take the usual faster I5 route so I could swing by the boat yard and try to get a look at it and hear in person about the delam and if that diagram was just hull or hull and deck. I actually showed up at the broker's office, but nobody was there, and then I tried calling again, but couldn't get an answer. I hung around for an hour or so to see if anybody might
  3. Well, they are putting the boat up for sale in Mexico and moving on to other adventures. Their videos are still months behind. I think the most recent ones they posted are still from when they in SoCal last fall. They haven't been very transparent about what caused them to want to stop sailing, but my take from what I've gathered from their videos (which I only started watching when I saw they they were passing through SF on their way south) is that they are fairly typical of a couple who weren't sailors to start with, but somehow got excited about the whole tiny living thing and what wo
  4. Does this qualify for the fleet? "22foot sail needs tender loving care has sails needs rudder sleeps 4"
  5. Note that I said target demographic, not market share. There's a big difference. You can have 50/50 market share, and yet the demographics of one half of that 50% may be much more desirable than the other. Unlike an idiot like you, those of us who are professionals in the mobile app development market know that users of iOS devices are much more monetizable than Android. Those are simply facts. If you want to go beyond your superficial understanding of the dynamics of the mobile market for app developers, than you should get a subscription to an impartial market research data source like AppAn
  6. The question when making these kinds of decisions is what percentage of your target demographic exists on a particular OS platform. While Android has much larger volume, more than half of those are low end phones in developing markets that are probably not part of the SailGP target demographic.
  7. Maybe because sailing , and especially sailing racing, is all about the experience and feeling of the wind, waves, and motion of the boat and all of that is incredibly difficult if not impossible to convey via television, even with onboard cameras and video etc?
  8. Well, as the apochraphal Mark Twain saying goes "There's nothing colder than summer in San Francisco" The farther you head up river toward Sacramento, the warmer it gets, so just stop where you find the temperature that you like.
  9. This series brings up one of my chief complaints with a lot of these YT sailing channels about which I am a bit ambivalent. So, one of the reasons they give for moving on is that they've decided the cruising life isn't for them and they have other dreams they want to try. So, on the one hand, good for them for deciding to try something new and they gave sailing/cruising a shot and now they are moving on. No problem. But why doesn't it occur to any of these people to may before buying and refitting a boat to go cruising, to actually learn how to sail FIRST, and then maybe do some bareboat cruis
  10. The gunk covers the birds' feathers, affecting their ability to insulate themselves, and they eventually succumb to hypothermia and freeze to death. Really? In San Francisco Bay?? Um, you obviously have never been in SF Bay, Nicht Wahr? Water temp is high 40s to low 50s all year round. You can succumb to hypothermia right quick be ye beast or man.
  11. They are predicting rain for later this week. Could finally be some excitement for HR and FH.
  12. Beautiful day today over on Richardson's Bay. Did a bike ride with the SF Tri Club to kick off the 2014 season starting from Sausalito and doing the Camino Alto to Paradise Loop to Tiburon than back along RB. Was absolutely gorgeous out there. FH was too far away to get a decent shot with the cell phone camera. So, sorry, no pics.
  13. OK, so who wants to take a guess at the conversation. I can sort of imagine what Mrs. Hot might be saying to one of her friends: "Jeezus, I wish I could get off of this fucking pos boat." I'm sure some of you all could come up with some much wittier thought bubbles.
  14. News from Richardson Bay, looks like the bottom of the FH will have lots of new visitors and growth attached to it: http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/They-re-back-the-bay-s-herring-hordes-return-5129443.php Maybe HR can make some money by catching lots of em to fund further repairs and renovations. I recall a couple of years back when we went out for a race one day and couldn't for the life of us figure out why we were at least a full one knot slower at all points of sail than the day before. Turns out the herring had come in the night before, and the whole bottom of the
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