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  1. And I thought this crowd would go off about the full penetration....
  2. Yes, you absolutely can do this. I had this done to my UN30 at the same yard as did this J/44. They do what is called a full bleed or full penetration weld that is actually stronger than the bolt itself. It is a technique utilized when the bolt is corroded/pitted/ect. above the sump, meaning something was in that bilge that damaged the bolt from the nut up. in my case it was from a steal lifting eye that should have been stainless. When you pull the keel you notice that the bolt length that had been within the fiberglass, below the bilge and encapsulated within the thick fiberglas
  3. The Keel is back on! Entire write up on the progress here in my blog - https://ballardsailor.wordpress.com/2020/08/19/the-keels-on/ Basically has new bolts welded on, large washers on the bolts this time as didn't have any prior and the new lifting eye is getting built. While waiting I shaped and varnished new floorboards and acquired a used outboard with controls that needed a little tinkering and asked the yard to take care of some soft core in the deck at the bow - leaking pushpit bolts is the suspect. a bunch of pictures and descriptions on at the blog article - https://
  4. The corrosion was inside the sump area where the steel lifting eye attachment was so they are cutting off the bolts where the metal is good and welding on new allthread.
  5. That is what they found, this is a picture before replacement. I had them replace the keel bolts with new. Does seem like an odd installation, but who knows what else is in there.
  6. Only those 8. It's too narrow any further back to set a bolt in the lead. Interestingly the seam wasn't cracked in the least. It was holding on great. The plan is to cut the bolts down to good metal and weld on new allthread. We've done this on other big boats before that had corrosion only at sump level but good bolts underneath.
  7. I'm sure we will want to get the boat down to Cali sometime for some fun. Maybe a ditch run or ??? I notice you still use the forward lowers, does it really need them?
  8. Hey Mario! Hope all is well with you. Still wondering what we were thinking but she should be a fun boat and seems to deserve being reborn. She's at the boat spa (CSR) now to get the keel pulled, bolts fixed and bottom done. One of the yard owners there has fallen for her I'm told.
  9. That's right - I forgot he mentioned a Wilderness. Looks like such a different boat than the UN 30.
  10. I lucked out on the bar stool shuffle for sure.
  11. What's Bart (Hood River Bart?) working on now?
  12. Seems like this deserves a post here since it's where the story started... Re-posting this story (6 Feet More) from my blog - you can find a ton more pictures there of both the boat and the trip. May 21st, 2020 I get this message on Sailing Anarchy: Hi! I know you've brought several Moore24s back to the west coast. Do you think there would be interest in getting this boat back closer to home? It's the prototype of what would become the Wilderness 30. Bought it from one of the guys who built it in Santa Cruz (Actually lived on it in the upper harbor!) Story goes lik
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