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  1. sustained 14 to 16kn of boat speed, gusts got us over 18kn (glanced and saw 18.2 at one moment) at 155 to 165 degrees true with the A2, not a reaching sail, couldn't push it much higher in that breeze. And I'm guessing the ride home was a bit different on the Elliot, possibly a bit wet and not as comfortable sitting in the cockpit. I've been enjoying the boat and have been really impressed with its performance both in heavy and light air. It has exceeded my expectations and I'll be sad when she sells. Keep getting that Elliot out sailing, no body will force you into a J/88.


    And remember, they are two different beasts. The J/88 is a very stable keel boat with an inboard diesel, sink, nav desk, head, bunks for 4, cockpit seats with comings (ours even has a dodger). Hard to compare and in most sport boat formulas the J/88 doesn't even qualify as a sport boat.

  2. Still pretty fun in medium breeze. Powered up easily with 5 crew, higher and faster than the 105 to weather. Couldn't capture the 1000lbs Sierra 26 but crossed the line 2nd in class and held onto 2nd after correction


    Read about the race here



    Photo by Jan Anderson - Janpix.smugmug.com

  3. Roleur - I agree that there are many boats that can go out, like you say, but not many boats you can go out with 2 sailors and an old guy, feel under control and then sail back to weather in 25 knots sitting in the cockpit, fully under control the entire time (and in February none-the-less). I've been on a number of boats you mention, the Moore - absolutely (I own #26), the SC27, no way downwind in breeze, but great upwind. The Farr280 and C&C30od, maybe, but I will guess they need more people and a bit more paying attention to get the same feel. Never been on the seascape and donavan, so no idea there but the Express 27 and Moore 24 may be the best comparisons for stability, control and ease of use. Probably the J/70 but I don't think the Melges - Just my humble opinion.


    I was very impressed with the boat, and after racing the next saturday in 20 to 25, puffs to 27/28 with 6 good sailors I was even more impressed. We took 2nd behind a Farr 395 and were one of 3 boats to fly our chute the entire way. Never felt out of control while rippin' along at 14 knots, pushing over 18 in the puffs, then drug her back to weather - much easier dragging the J/88 to weather than my Moore 24....


    you can read about the race here, unfortunately we lost the photo boat for the rippin' downwind run and final 7 mile upwind leg, as they were helping the Sierra 26 recover. But they got a few good photos before that. This weekend we try her out in lighter winds, looks like 5 to 8. Should be a big switch after the stronger winds of our first two days out. Oh, and yes, we know the mainsail is not class legal, we did that on purpose as we won't see OD racing for quite some time here in the PNW and figured these sails would be club sails at that point. Same measurements, they just have the RSS battens and a red logo. And Yah, Sure, Ya Betcha, they are Ballard Sails.

  4. Gotta share, we took out #61 yesterday in 20+ for her first sail on Puget Sound and WOW, what a cool boat. Coming from a Moore 24 owner if I didn't already have a boat it would be very hard to talk me out of a J/88. How many 30'ers can you go out with two friends in 20+, throw up the chute and have a blast at 14 knots? very impressed. Doing a demo race today on her - she's still available....



  5. #61 is on the road to Seattle, as I type. She will be in the Seattle Boat Show at the end of the month then in the water as a Sail Northwest stock boat. So they've got to be past hull #61 now...

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