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  1. Mmmmm this all sounds familiar! In a kind of flashback of dumbfuckery from another regatta kind of way!
  2. What a sook! He must be fun at parties! Funny, i remember a breach he may of aledgedly without predudice been or not been in or witness to in where when they found out the constitution/rules they didnt comply with even after ringing the king pin at ayf, didnt do the honourable thing and retire from the race they didnt comply in! This surly cant be the same guy!
  3. And it wasnt one of your videos! Weird eh, but there is still time!
  4. Well, after reading these comments im now confused! Its looking like there can be outside influences steering these decisions! Curious but, is it common, or allowed to ask, after the hearing-after the regatta to have the verdict explained to you of why, how you lost the protest, what definitions were alledgedly broken, distances to be apart etc? My experiences so far is that is not allowed/normal! Makes it hard to learn for the future for us amateurs!
  5. Wow, i may stand corrected, that pic shows a way different perspective than the original pics, there could be the rumored amount lost after all that the media outlet reported!! Not just damaged, thats wild!
  6. P-wop first info we had was 1600 damaged or lost, not 1600 lost, so the hype will be there, and the more its talked about the damaged content has seamed to be replaced by just lost! In the 16 years ive been working on these ships, in Australia, except for the APL England which dropped a few earlier in the year, ive never seen a lost container from a vessel we have worked, https://www.amsa.gov.au/news-community/campaigns/apl-england-container-loss after the fallen damaged ones were taken off, we had the job of discharging the whole ship of every box, it was inpounded here for a cou
  7. Finally someone said it! The pic even shows heaps on the deck, 1900 gone and she would be empty!
  8. Ships are sent at moment to the southern ports of AU first to burn up time to make the 2 weeks quarantine time from last port. I'm sure if they are logged with amsa or who ever so it won't be an issue when hitting Australian waters!
  9. You just might find, some insurance companies, in some instances don't give a rats arse about the protest and findings, as they say, there seams to be "for the boys" decisions made at some of these hearings! Now having worked in an industry that is dictated by insurance companies, I found it interesting they found no trust in some decision making panels!
  10. Was quite the entertaining piss up at mbbc, and stayed open till we had all had our fill, and no sign of the famous "Scarboroughgate" dramas either! Good work QCYC! And how good is it leading the maxis in a 7m boat in Sundays glass out!
  11. Try urban dictionary! I find its a better option to find the meanings of so many words!
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