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  1. Is there a way to back-test to see if the Volvo engines have a farm, AG or industrial use?
  2. Looking for a LED solution for 2NM aqua signal individual port, starboard and stern lights. The 25W equivalent bulbs are about $50US. That's about half the cost of the entire fixture. Lead acid battery replacement vs. LED is a close second.
  3. Boeing has become Boing since the accountants and law-yers took over. Bring back pilots and engineers to make planes. One of my favorite quote about the F/A 18 program: They're designed by folks with PhDs Built by folks with MAs Flown by folks with BSs and expected to be maintained with folks who got a HS diploma.
  4. I have a Volvo TMD 22 that recently stopped stopping. The key stop no longer works, I have to use the lever on the injection pump. I was wondering if when the electric engine switch was moved to the "stop" position, should the stop solenoid make a discernable 'click', noise or other signal? Obviously this would be tested without the engine running. In practical terms, this would be an easier first step than getting to the wiring behind the start/stop switch. Or........ Where to check the electrics on the solenoid. Thanks! PS - If the solenoid is dead... Is the Volvo
  5. My new to me boat has a Volvo 60 HP turbodiesel with a Velvet Drive transmission. The transmission is using ~ 1 quart of Type III fluid every 8 hours of operation. From all inspections, it is not leaking. (positive) thoughts?
  6. Asking for a friend. They are looking for a "generic" freezer thermostat after finding a Technautics recharge kit that had a $6.99 can of R134a and a $9.99 hose with at $122.00 price sticker on it. I googled it and have found a few apparent matches, but I am interested in someone who has has success. As always, this place is the best and has awesome knowledge.
  7. Alas, a wave took off the port side light. it measures about 4" high, 4" fore/aft and 3.5" deep.
  8. Here are some pics I took today. According to the shipwright doing the work, she was built with a centerboard and two ~2,000 gallon water ballast tanks. Second owner converted these into a total of 1,000 gallons of diesel, which didn't play well with the Aluminum. This owner also spent a lot of time welding, including a fixed keel. It is said there is about 3 more months of work before splash time. Then the joinery can start getting put back in. Quite the project. Looking at the deck layout, I didn't see the primaries - but then, it is a pretty big jobsite. 2023361770_IMG_26092.HEIC I
  9. BTW, the batteries are specc'd as lth-2-mdc-dl. Looks lide group 27 (correct size) ~90-96 Ah each.
  10. For what it is worth, Fonatur came in with a reasonable price to remove and replace. A bit more than I would like, but they will source, remove and replace the existing batteries. That alone will likely save 2 days of boat work, plus the battery setup with 5 batteries would be a job.
  11. I'm confused. I had Verizon for a long time until I figured out they had no customer service. When did they start?
  12. Looks like my battery charger went on a rampage in the last 6 weeks and dried out 5 group 27 batteries. Who knows what's close to Marina El Cid?
  13. I've got a Baja filter. The boat holds ~50 gallons, 25 more in Jerry cans, burns ~3/4 gallon per hour at 5 knots. That's about 400 miles with no wind and I leave 5 gallons in each tank. The plan is to get to Cabo San Luca, top up and gas up in Turtle bay? Is turtle Bay dinghy in or gas dock?
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