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  1. you're probably right. boat has been in the water less than a month. boss would be pretty pissed if you broke his new toy the first time out.
  2. I'm really curious to see what takeaways the crew has after this first race.
  3. i'll be honest for a boat so new that the crew has so little time in I'm surprised they're pushing her this hard. unless of course they're not pushing her that hard and the boat just is in fact that fast. time will tell but either way this is really interesting to watch.
  4. agreed all around. I gotta say I'm surprised they're entering her into the fastnet with her being so new. I mean hell I've been on big boat programs, not even grand prix racers where we've spent a week with the riggers aboard getting the rig dialed in. I think this is going to be an epic boat once she fully sorted out and yeah it's going to be interesting to see her line up against rambler
  5. way more of a finished interior than comanche any of VO70's I've set foot on etc. well most of them don't even paint the interior. not a a shot against her, merely an observation is all.
  6. more of a finished interior than I expected. one this is for damn sure, thats not a boat thats going to be quickly or easily converted for cruising.
  7. god these boats are cool, I've been drooling over them since this project got started. hey bob, maybe I missed it in the other thread but what was the owners reason for having 4 of them built?
  8. yep, race mostly in FJ's, 420's without traps or kites and in some cases even slower, more outdated dinghies and the results are predictable.
  9. not often that I agree with scooter but he's got a point here. this sport also has an image issue of being snooty, elitist and classist. much as it pains me to say that reputation is well earned in a lot of places.
  10. I second this. I'd be curious to see some "out in the wild" photos of her, not PR photos.
  11. frankly I think they came to their senses. the pool of people who have the money to have a 125ft sailing yacht built is fairly small. the pool of people who have the money to have one built, and to effectively campaign it and also the inclination to do those things is very, very, very small. but shrink that down to 80ft and the pool of people who can afford the cost of entry grows considerably. from a marketing standpoint talking a potential buyer into spending $35-40 million on a boat that is really only good for racing and will likely only ever collect some elapsed time line hono
  12. discussions about old clothing aside, I'll be back to working on the boat over the weekend.
  13. this right here, boats like this are built to win line honors and set elapsed time records. corrected time means fuck all for boats like this.
  14. my buddy told me I should keep the name swallow and get little decal you can only see when you're close to the boat that reads "don't spit" also, how did turn into a thread about old clothing styles?
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