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  1. if you only need it for a short period renting the unit and a short term plan might be the way to go. we rented an iridium GO through ocens a few years ago and we were happy with both the unit and the service. this thread is super relevant for me, at the moment I'm looking at buying either an iridium Go or an inReach, trying to find out more about the ability to download marine weather forecasts on the inReach. I do have to say I'm not thrilled that voice calls aren't possible with the inReach. inReach is cheaper and easier to use for sure. decisions...
  2. jesus, this thing is going to be a monster. setting aside foiling boats the only mono I can think of that MIGHT be faster is comanche. strip out the interior I'd be willing to be this is faster than comanche. if someone had come to me when comanche was launched and asked who I thought would build the boat upstage comanche, swan is not who i would have guessed.
  3. RC is both a thankless and pain in the ass job. if them fucking up was a one off thing then yeah the commodore needs to get his panties out of twist. if it's an ongoing problem sometimes people need to get called out and the RC chair needs to do his job and make sure people are trained.
  4. can't speak to them as livaboards but I sailed on one a ton here in hawaii and I can tell you they're not afraid of a breeze or a nasty sea.
  5. I love teak decks. but only on other peoples boats.
  6. Tony Theriault did a survey for me 2 years ago and he was excellent. also a really nice guy. I can also vouch for nick patey as well. I know him well, he's a good surveyor and also an excellent systems tech and laminates guy. he did a repower and a rewire for me on my Hinckley 38 and his work was excellent.
  7. fair enough but also the new crew still has ample time to train before the race. I was more referring to the comments that the boat will end up broken.
  8. my question as well, what changed?
  9. I'm a big fan of the 2 part epifanes. it was designed to be rolled (no need to tip) I used it on my hinckley 38 and it came out looking great. yes nothing shines like awlgrip but the fact of the matter is that despite what the awlgrip marketing says it's really tricky to get a roll and tip awlgrip paintjob to come out looking right.
  10. yeah it'll be interesting to see how the RIO100 does vs the VO70 pyewcket. I think a lot will come down to how much of the route each spends in planing vs. displacement conditions. but yeah, even a "non turbo'd" VO70 is damn fast and if I'm not mistaken pyewacket has has had some turbo-ing work done to her hasn't she? but even with a fixed keel RIO100 is a quick boat. shame that we'll probably never see comanche do the transpac again.
  11. I had almost forgotten about that retard. aside from the design itself being stupid that one actually looks pretty well built and maintained.
  12. true but throwing a rock just seems mean spirited.
  13. the valiant is a better all around boat, that being said I wouldn't get near a blistered valiant 40 with a ten foot pole.
  14. jesus, 25 days? longest west coast-hawaii run I've ever done was 16 days. very heavy, very slow boat and a captain that wasn't in any rush. we"ll jump off from either PV or cabo not sure which yet. probably mid feb or there about. luckily for me I have 500 gallons of fuel tankage so I can motor upwards of 2000 miles at around 6 knots before my tanks are empty. also lucky that the boat sails really well, especially if it's aft of the beam, big genoa we can fly as well as an asym cruising chute if we're feeling motivated. also 500 gallons of fresh water, a watermaker and a ton of storage if it
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