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  1. I've always put it down to being pretty narrow, especially in the stern sections, and having a particularly powerful main. Plus, as you say, being long for the rating band.
  2. Point of order... We (the JPK1010 that's been racing you all season) owe you 3 points... Completely agree about 109s upwind in the light. Which given we've had exactly 1 windy day this season (at Cowes where the 109s had their own start...) has been something of a pain. Still the owner's just placed an order for some new light sails, so that should guarantee the wind next season....
  3. I was more referring to how hard the driver was working to keep the boat under the stick... The nose diving is really another matter. I think a tiller would be exhausting.
  4. I don't think that anyone who's seen a Corby 36 run hard downwind under a masthead kite would sign up for a tiller on that boat....
  5. Didn't hang around.... Sale pending...
  6. 5 105s entered for Cowes. Mostly Harmless, Jacana, Jos of Hamble, Flawless J and Gene Genie. Jacana have been on good form this season, and Jos are always quick. Not come across Gene Genie before. Looking at their rating I wonder if they're not using a masthead kite. 3 3200s entered and they'll all be in the same class. Should at least provide interesting data for the OP...
  7. I think you'll find I'm just wandering all over the ocean...
  8. I think that IRC got this wrong. I think they ought to have said that any boat rated for a spinnaker of any kind could use a whisker pole of less than J or spinnaker pole that they are rated for to pole out a jib on the opposite side to the mainsail when a spinnaker is not set. But poling a jib out on the same side as the mainsail needed to be rated separately. That would seem to be a more equitable solution. But also further divides the IRC fleet into those setup to go offshore, and those setup for inshore.
  9. It did briefly look like there might be a northern option, but that looks to have gone now. Looks similar to the other recent transat, angle vs wind speed. Last time I backed windspeed and lost out. Does anyone know why all the real boats are going the other side of the mark? Assuming there is a difference in their route...
  10. The decision process after the canaries is going to be interesting....
  11. I will be interested if my gamble to go further east than the main pack for more breeze and a slightly better angle pays out at all...
  12. I don't think Alex's value to his sponsors has ever really been predicated on him winning. Sure, it would have been nice, but it wasn't necessary for them to get value out of the project.
  13. https://ircrecords.com/ This popped up on Facebook... Interesting idea, bit like Strava for boats... If it took off the rating gaming would get silly on some of the courses though. Why rate with a jib for a straight line course you're going to sail with a kite for example.... The round an island ones are potentially more interesting.
  14. Surely it would be over the rating limit? Must be over 1.051 surely? https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/229520/X2-by-four That article said 1.070+ Can't see that they've shed 20+ points have they?
  15. Is it the same as the other molds?
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