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  1. A slightly more expensive alternative to the square pad, but 100% more secure is a cable mount from Click Bond. https://www.clickbond.com/product-detail/mounts/standard-cable-tie-mount It comes with its own disposable mounting fixture which holds it against the surface while the glue sets, then the fixture simply peels off. There are many other shapes and sizes including pads with a stud or threaded socket. All aerospace grade.
  2. ^^^ exactly this. Racing Solent inshores in the Admiral's Cup, short-tacking up the Cowes shore, you absolutely had to be confident that all 50+ boats on starboard knew that when you ran out of water on the beach and hailed "I need to tack. Water!" you'd get the right response from everyone. It was (and is) a wonderful teaching environment. Just like starting off the StFYC line in the Big Boat Series in the 70s-80s, but then it was 11 IOR Maxis who all had to tack when you ran out of water. Dick Enerson filmed this a few times. Well worth watching.
  3. George Orwell put his finger firmly on this, and coined the word "Doublespeak."
  4. As a youngster racing day keelboats in the Solent, a rule infringement (P & S, tacking too close, not giving water when hailed etc...) caused an immediate retirement, ensign up and back to the Club. If you didn't, some crusty old helmsman in a proper yachting hat would cry, "Put your helm up. Go home! Shame!" Yes, I'm old. But we learned the Rules.
  5. Sounds like a German sail from pre-IOC numbering. What might help is luff and foot measurements, sailmaker's patch, and if there's any IOR stamp and signatures near the tack that could ID the year. Then it could be narrowed down.
  6. Some of us took an evening off from prepping boats in St Tropez for the 1987 Maxi Series. We grabbed a boat van and went to the ancient Roman amphitheater in Frejus. ZZ Top were near the end of their huge Afterburner world tour. It was an epic concert. So sad to lose Dusty.
  7. "Fry, you miserable little bastard!"
  8. I expect so. Else they can expect a cease and desist. Anyhoo, I liked it.
  9. That gift-giving time of year is looming, so I thought I'd let you strange-minded creatures come up with some inspired gifts for an unsuspecting friend or relative. I'll start. Monty Python Silly Walk wall clock. https://www.panaper.com/products/‚Ź≤monty-python-inspired-silly-walk-wall-clock
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