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  1. My late dad, a great surgeon and a good sailor, once said, "By the time a man's 50, he's either his own doctor or a fool." What he meant by this, I think, was that you should know what your body likes, and what it doesn't like. You should know how to avoid injury or infection, and correctly diagnose it when you have one. You should know how much sleep you need, and what sort. You should know your alcohol tolerance, and keep below it. You should know what foods are healthy for you, and what foods might be troublesome. And so on...
  2. Good! A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... Well it was Cowes, about 1975. I was invited to do the bow on Prospect of Whitby, Arthur Slater's S&S 44. Arthur had famously lost a leg when he overturned his Bentley in a Le Mans race in the 30s. This race we had a crew of amputees from BLESMA, the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association. There were 12 of them, and with Arthur between them they mustered 15 legs and about as many wings. Olympic sailor Andy Cassell was in charge. He'd lost both legs to polio as a child, but was a top-class sailor and sailmaker. I wa
  3. P_Wop


    I had a German girlfriend once. Very organized and methodical. She would rate my sexual performance on a scale of 1 to 10. On the last night I was there, I thought we should try anal sex. She kept shouting "Nein, nein, nein!" Best score I ever got.
  4. P_Wop


    They have a mandatory humor bypass operation when they're about 4. And have you ever wondered why there's so little crime in Germany? It's against the law.
  5. P_Wop


    Yes. The English tell Irish jokes. The Italians tell jokes about the Carabinieri. South Africans tell Boer jokes. Scots tell English jokes. The Dutch tell Belgian jokes. The French tell Belgian jokes. The Germans tell Belgian jokes.
  6. P_Wop


    UK joke. What does an Essex girl say after sex? "Do you all play on the same team, then?"
  7. I was in that infamous incident at the Clipper Bar behind the shipyard in Porto Cervo in the 80s. Sardinia Cup, Maxi Series, don't remember. Very late at night, and an altercation began between a racer and a local, reason unknown. Very soon it was "all on for young and old," bottles and furniture everywhere. The Carabinieri turned up, with machine guns too. One idiot managed to hoof the lights off the top of a police car and very soon the big black bus turned up and about 20 boys spent the night in the pokey. Only an early morning appeal to HH the Aga Khan saved the day. He spru
  8. I still have a few no.6 shotgun pellets in my bum and back after decamping naked out of a young girl's window and hurtling into her dad's rhododendrons below. I never did get my Levis back. And I certainly never risked seeing her again. Shame. Hot little unit.
  9. Picture books preferred (as above.) You might start with this gem.
  10. Our friend Dick Enersen made that movie. Well worth buying a copy. Wiping out in an IOR Maxi was quite the experience!
  11. P_Wop


    Reminds me of the Steven Wright classic: "For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier... I put them in the same room and let them fight it out."
  12. I made a little shrine in my kitchen for H & H, orchids, candles etc... No idea if Christian, Jewish, Pastafarian or other, but it seemed like the thing to do.
  13. Sending Hope and Hobot (and you, mate) all the energy I can muster. This is dark news.
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