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  1. An idea for a stocking stuffer for that "special" family member.
  2. Will they stock it with wonderful vintages too?
  3. Oh please, please, please lock me in there with some glasses and a corkscrew. And a bucket. Did I say please?
  4. And one more for tomorrow for my USAnian friends...
  5. I miss Bob. A good mate for many years.
  6. Dammit, we were all so young and healthy. And had hair, quite a lot of it. And fit into 30" waist trousers. And wore those revolting smelly leaky orange HH oilskins. But we had proper food to eat offshore, and plenty of pints afterwards, and had a load of fun!
  7. P_Wop


    Another one for this week. Classic Larson...
  8. A British Seagull only needs one string. But it wears out pretty quickly with all your attempted pulls to get that bastard motherless lopsided invention to fire.
  9. When I was a nipper in Cowes I remember an old gaffer working at Coles' Yard. He'd calmly and almost incomprehensibly talk to you with the tiniest stub of a roll-up fag (cigarette) dangling on his bottom lip, as he sharpened his pencil underfoot with an adze. Without looking.
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