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  1. P for Puddle of Pleasure (on the half ounce runner) Y for YMMV
  2. Perhaps you should buy an industrial flame-thrower and gallons of fuel. Then you can incinerate any last piece of grass or twig or vegetation for miles around. No building material, no nests. YMMV
  3. Slightly tangentially, in Italy the radio code is uniquely Italian. As far as I can remember, it goes like this: Ancona Bari Como Domodossola Empoli Firenze Genova Hotel Imola Juliet Kilo Livorno Milano Novara (or Napoli) Otranto Pisa Quebec Roma Siena Torino Udine Venezia Washington X-Ray Yankee Zulu I remember once having to spell a British crewmember's name over the VHF. Donald Dudderidge. Took half the morning. Now back to your regular SA broadcast....
  4. And kickbacks. And improper dispersal of charitable monies. And other stuff too. I'd be surprised if they weren't also hauled up on charges of racketeering and wire fraud. Even if they survive this, they'll be stripped of their non-profit status, which means a sudden drying-up of non-tax donations. And then the IRS will be up their ass with a demand for several years back taxes.
  5. Roast pheasant, duck terrine, lobster mornay, game pie, beef wellington, roast leg of lamb (our own), grilled Solent seabass, chicken fricassee, boeuf bourguignonne (my favourite), fresh fruit, salad and veg from the garden, fruit cake, steam pudding with golden syrup, Christmas pud, the list goes on. Happy days, courtesy of a wonderful Mum. Evenly balanced by the horror of 10 years of English boarding school food for the other 3/4 of the year. I still can't face boiled cabbage 50+ years on. The school stank of it.
  6. And there you have it, sadly. Very true. One set of laws for "them", one set of laws for "us". "Move along, please, folks. Nothing to see here."
  7. I'm on the next flight from California. Save some for me...
  8. Hey, you good man, so good to hear from you. You're beating this bloody scourge. Onwards!
  9. Pasquale Landolfi. A great owner - he had multiple boats called Brava.
  10. P_Wop


    Cultural differences. European out of office message: "I'm away sailing for the summer. Email again in September." American out of office message: "I left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell anytime."
  11. Will the divorce settlement be bigger than the record-breaking Jeff/Mackenzie Bezos one ($35B)? Make your bets... The one great thing she did do for him, however, was to sort out his hideous body odor problem. Honestly in a small room it was like being in a nest of badgers.
  12. Reminds me of that old story. A golfer pulls out a one iron in a thunderstorm, and addresses his ball. His sheltering friends shout, "What are you doing you idiot?" "It's OK. Not even God can hit a one iron." Back on topic. While Prince Philip was being carried to his funeral in the back of his old land Rover, Prince Andrew said that he'd like to buried in a fifteen year old Escort.
  13. In the early 60s my parents would pack the 4 of us into the car, bags on the roofrack and take us for 10 days at Easter on the Norfolk Broads on a typical Broads motor cruiser. To keep us out of the way while they supped G&Ts they also rented 2 small gunter-rigged clinker-built sailing dinghies which towed along astern like a pair of ducklings. Arriving in a suitable Broad, the mud weight went over the side and off we went in the dinghies, 2 in each boat. Lifejackets on, sailing into the reeds, exploring and laughing - not much to go wrong. Learning while doing. We met tw
  14. Definitely not USA-11 which is alive and well in San Diego. Lots of fun racing that one with Sweeney on SF Bay 20 years ago. Still, it's sad to see the amateur "conversion" (into what, exactly?).
  15. So sad to hear. A good man. That bloody disease grabs indiscriminately. If I had my time over again, I swear I'd dedicate it to eradicating the big bad C.
  16. Yup. My early morning finger slipped!
  17. Looks like Hagar, a very good quarter tonner.
  18. P_Wop


    And the reaction one from Hood. "If you're sailing with a Hard on you should be wearing a Hood."
  19. Togo VII, Japanese fractional Peterson 42 in the 1983 Admiral's Cup. It was just silly.
  20. P_Wop


    Following up on @carcrash great 77 Round Grenada story. Tony Maidment, his diminutive (and slightly non-sailing) wife Cindy and I had sailed the red Holland half tonner Scarlet Shamrock down from Antigua for the race. Somehow lacking fuel (I had dropped the ball there) we anchored off St Georges, intending to go ashore early in the morning, grab a small can of diesel and 2 or 3 crew, and do the race. Of course we over-slept, and were rudely awakened by the 10 minute gun. Anchor up, sails up and off we went. We did manage to finish and won on time. Short-tacking up the St G
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