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  1. I wonder if anyone had the opportunity to really confirm the weight of it at the Dinghy Show. I never saw any PortStar Sailing here at Setubal.. and TBH the design doesn't look as much as the picture I shared here. I asked at the sailing club ( SailLaser center ) if they will have any to test and they told that they are expecting to have 2 boats by the end of the month, so I am very keen to test it. I would like to know how it does sailing against an Aero, Laser or a D one. I still doubt of the wings system.. everyone will want to have the wings spread for better perfor
  2. They are very quiet about that..i've been paying attention to their social media.. but no news... and there is a guy at LP Facebook asking for news... no replies yet.. it was not in April, Otherwise one could think it was an Aprils foul..
  3. TBH i didn't see anything relevant yet... just a picture with some numbers on a Sailmon..i don't know if it is related or not but.. If it is... i don't know the top speeds on other single handed boats.. after a quick search i found that the top speed registered on a Laser was about 16.8knots..the top speed of the RS Aero is registered at 23.8 with 37knt wind... so unless they share the conditions.. that doesn't surprise me that much.. But they have been surprisingly quite these last weeks
  4. I never saw one in real life..i thing that the concept was great.. never understand why it didn't have the success
  5. I all, i own an Archambault M34 and as everyone knows it doesn't have a good ORC rating... so i am trying to find a way to optimize it. My GPH is 550.5 with the original One Design sails. I've just bought a new set of sails the main with less roach on the leach and therefore with less 3 sqm and added 400kg lead to increase the weight to 300kg.. with the simulation my sailmaker made... the GPH should go to somewhere around 575.8 Have you guys any suggestion to help me optimizing this boat? I know that it was designed for OD and therefore it has no chances to w
  6. Well.. that is your opinion and i respect it. i am not here to argue just to discuss topics of my interest. I also had quite a few boats from dinghies to Cruiser/Racers. At this moment i own an Archambault M34 and a Nacra F18 but i am on the market to replace the Nacra with a single handed monohull. i am 1.84 meters and weight 90 kg and tried several boats.. i don't have the physical capability to sail the Laser Standard and i am to heavy for the Radial. Tried the Aero but i don't think that it suits my needs..(weight x fluctuation) I heard that the Melges 14 is being p
  7. Xeon, as you might see, i am not new in SA. i am a registered user since 2008 maybe in that time you didn't even know what sailing was or you just didn't know the SA forum yet.. i don't care..i just don't like to come here and publish bullshit...i'd rather be sailing,. I just like to post when i believe i have something to add to this community and not spam them with conspiracy theories Returning to the point of this Topic... i don't know what they are planning but if it is a fast & fun boat i believe it will find it's place on the market, as long as it's a good b
  8. I don't see any RS that has a transom like that, but well.. I don't know them all. The boat looked really nice, i will pay attention to the waters here in Setubal, where i sail.. maybe it will appear again.. till then.. we will just have to wait..
  9. Do you think that the LaserPerformance German Dealer has something to do with it? I know that their family have a well known company that makes dinghies..i wonder what type of boat is that...
  10. How's that? it doesn't seem anything like a Laser or an Ilca as you might call it these days. I've been looking for the Cascais video present at the LP Cascais website and if you pay attention, in the end you can spot a Cascais a Laser and some other boat.. It might be interesting to see what are they planning...
  11. Hi all, Have you been paying attention to LaserPerformance social media? They have been posting some stories and some pictures of a new design boat, allegedly in carbon. I leave nearby Setubal, in Portugal, and last week i've spotted a LP van towing a boat, that doesn't seem familiar to me Do you guys know anything about this? Fair winds all.
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