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  1. "O" rings, greased and wiper seals- possible to create a pocket to only need the O rings, but going to be nasty to assemble at scale. I see 3D printing with post finish surfacing. You want this to actually sail? Foil?
  2. Or, too difficult to control for the foils at higher wind speed. The boats work, on to something else.
  3. Do not forget NZ conceived the Rule. When presented, there were many trying to figure out if theses things were going to even work. I for one was skeptical they would be stable enough to foil for extended amounts of time or maneuvers. The comment that after 2 to 3 cycles, the head start would evaporate I think are correct. The compressed version of that was the DoG match, Ernesto's alinghi came up with some clever ideas that found loopholes in the rules, His opponent had essentially unlimited resources and a talented team that could pull off rebuilding the central hull, longer amas,
  4. As I own a boat, I have been asked a handful of times in the last week about this cup edition, the boats and how they got to this. There were interesting observations and follow on questions. Most associated the Cup with the 12's, some recalled the Deed of Gift grudge match involving Oracle, not knowing the principal figures. One recalled the amazing comeback in San Francisco. (not knowing Spithill was involved there too). All, are impressed by the speed, did not understand there were downwind legs, and all felt the contest was too abstract to have any frame of reference. They a
  5. This rule might be done. Too close. The score was not lopsided enough. Too much shared tech.
  6. The piano movers must have totally cracked up, "we are setting this baby grand in that?"
  7. You don't have grey hair. 1977 Sverige launched with Volvo fabricated leg powered winches. Recumbent seating. Soon replaced, in the buff mags of the day, stated too much friction in the system. They also suffered in 1980 for having "made in country" sailcloth.
  8. Just replicate the Airstream trailer used by the Apollo 11 crew and set on Hornet "+3" They can visit the Hangar Deck today for ideas, no need to reinvent the wheel. They entered, were there for a Month? Crane picked the whole thing up with the astronauts when the Carrier arrived home port.
  9. A good job to date. I was skeptical of this class. AM appears to have a sound methodology. Good Yacht name. Classy "cove" stripe. Have to see how the two boats jump up on foils differently, I have a hunch that longer effective waterline at a small angle of heel could make Defiant a bit easier to launch, a longer effective waterline in displacement mode just before liftoff, and require less inputs to maintain course between modes.
  10. I really wonder about appendage twist or harmonic oscillation interfering with control and or foiling stability. Lots of mass that could contribute to interesting consequences. The "model" says it will work, but is the model catching everything? These yachts will not be sailing in very close quarters to each other.
  11. Vava was anchored off Santa Barbara a few days ago.
  12. I have been away but quite agree, no influence from here, we will just have to watch what unfolds. Someone in NZ though has a concept of what they will create for the proposed rule.
  13. He will be well suited to the management side of things, a good move for BAR.
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