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  1. I want to clarify some things about the Docking situation: CYC Mac Committee has been working hard on this issued and we were able t arrange docking at Mac Harbor, Straits or St Ignace and pay for it entirely from every fees While we tried to fulfill the original intended order of preference there were many issues between depth and working to get everyone in. We were limited to one boat per well and DNR wants to control the slips entirely. they agreed to allow CYC to mae the reservation , assign the slips and make the payment on behalf of the participant, thus they confirmed each r
  2. All of the present dialog aside, the F50 is a way better platform that the AC75. It allows for closer maneuvers, the boats accelerate very quickly and in large part due to the one design aspect the racing is way more intense with frequent lead/position changes. And they can foil in lighter air There is nothing 'monohull about the AC 75s. They are cool, but an inferior platform.
  3. I think Mundt gave you pretty good advice. a 31 or a 28 would be a great boat for you to buy and learn and build your skills with. I've owned three 31's, the last being a highly modified racer. They are great boats, easily trailered and they are definitely some bargains out there if you are patient, but...... These boats can't stand being overloaded (like about any multihull) and if you are talking 1200 lbs you're over the limit, a lot especially in bigger breeze and sea state. With Motor these boats will weigh 3700 plus with nothing else on board. As for 15 to 20 foot waves, that is
  4. A few corrections on this thread: Righting moment has not been on ORR or ORC certificates, the actual terminology is LPS and Stability Index. ORC decided that on Club certs, that since they are not fully measured and may have a cooked hull shape that they didn't want the numbers displayed. They are still shown on ORCi, which does require full measurement. The "estimated" LPS and Stability Index is still available to OA's through the offshore office and when a boat is marginal the OA can manage the situation. This is not a surprise to Bayveiw or Chicago. ORRez has lots of estimat
  5. I have a hunk of cedar from Moxie's stbd float on the book shelf in my family room. Made several trips to France in 2014-2015 to help shop for and deliver a ORMA 60 to the US. On one trip we visited the yard where Moxie was being repaired from a "visit" with some rocks and somehow the cedar from the busted hull ended up in my pocket. Treasured momento for me that only results in blank stares when people ask me what it is.
  6. Hit the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the chart (search) and on the next screen hit LAT/LON in upper rut. Next screen enter L/L and hit Show on Map
  7. All of you clowns knock off the political bullshit. You are wrecking an otherwise very interesting discussion.
  8. ORC Default crew weight is 83.33% of ORR Default. Also the ORC rule has a provision for the OA to apply minimum crew weight of 75 % of what is stated on the certificate. CYC will apply the minimum.
  9. FWIW I had the pleasure of getting to know Fossett pretty well at the time he was campaigning Stars and Stripes and trying to set the Chicago Mackinac Race record (which he did set the all time race record and it still stands today in the WSSRC) I was the Race Chairman for two of those years. i ALWAYS found him to be a complete gentleman and he totally respected all of the race rules and requirements. He always dealt with me directly and respectfully and not through surrogates and subordinates. I had the privilege of talking with him at length after his solo around the world record attempt
  10. FWIW, owners and builders have a way of going dark when boats break down. Has lots to do with value, liability, reputation etc. Pictures of broken beams aren't "fake news" as you put it. One could argue that censoring info and removing it from public view is "fake". Since DNA is clearly in the know it might be credible for you to discuss what caused the failures and what steps might be taken to mitigate. Do beams need to be replaced to handle real world loads, or is some form of reinforcement contemplated? It's your business so you certainly don't have to say anything, but the only way t
  11. just heard the West Coast boat has beams breaking as well (from a very reliable source)
  12. Also telling that Cheekee Monkey still couldn't beat a stock Seacart 30. I bet Cheekee Monkey would have been just as successful without the foils. I've talked to a couple of semi-foiling boat owners (not F-boats but similar size range), and when I asked about their foils, they both answered "Ummm...yeah...the canting mast works really well!". That's why I was musing about full-foiling (e.g. T-foil on daggerboard) because I'm not aware of anybody ever trying that on a smaller tri. Cheekee was markedly faster with foils than without unless wind speed under 6 to 7 knots. beyo
  13. Agreed, great write up. BTW Cheekee ended up with new lighter beams, we built a new, lighter wing mast 2.5 feet taller than stock with masthead screacher and kites, rig canting and adjustable rake. The end result was clearly not how one would do it if starting from scratch. Couldn't beat a well sailed stock sea cart 30 which I agree is a great benchmark. One thing we had going for us though was the ability to rig and launch from trailer to sailing in a little over 2 hours. Based on the number of events we did over a pretty wide area this was a huge deal for me.
  14. I owned Cheekee Monkee from 2006 through 2011 when I purchased it (originally with a partner) and two years later owned it solo. I continued t sail her for an additional 3 years after I sold her to a new owner. It was a great boat and well conceived by Kim Alfreds (at great expense). We continued her development, sometimes out of necessity and some from creativity. She was a "semi foiler" and a very capable offshore boat with real accommodations including 2 pipe berths, small galley top and nav table. 60% of the boat was customized and reinforced as well as lightened from her original we
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