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  1. No - other than when I checked with B&G they indicated that their wireless unit output at a 5hz rate. I measured the GND10 output and it sent the Nexus wind at an 11hz rate so provides adequate sampling per B&G requirements.
  2. I used the Scanstrut SPM-3I-W mast mount pod to for 3 Triton 2's on my J/109. Very readable from the helm. They are flexible to choose whatever you want to display.
  3. Correct on pulse input. For depth I ended up replacing the Nexus with an Airmar DT812PV-235-N2 235kHz Plastic Smart Sensor 12-Degree Tilt NMEA 2000. It fit in the same housing and connects to the N2K bus.
  4. I kept the old Nexus 43mm analog transducer that is installed on the centerline. Works fine.
  5. You should check what version software the H5000 Processor has. V 2.0-45.0.34 is the current version as of 21 January 2021. You can do a bench test of the speed transducer. Apply 12V to the sensor and measure the Hall sensor output with a voltmeter while turning the paddlewheel. It should provide pulses. You'll need to provide the Airmar part number from the tag to cross reference the schematic with which wires to use.
  6. When you get a websocket connection to the H5000 see if you see the Furuno as a source for the heel and pitch. If so, it means the PGN was recognized and the data is available to use. Otherwise - no.
  7. Good find - I wasn't aware of that. From one of the archived pages, perhaps this will help: webmaster Bill Heintz Deviation Tel: (646) 246-5062 e-mail: bheintz@wans.net Please send Corrections, Comments, Missing-Links, Results, Images, Information, etc. to Bill Heintz at bheintz@wans.net Thanks
  8. The passing of Luiz is a great loss to the sailing community. I did not know him personally but had the opportunity to speak with him on the phone a few times when I was organizing regattas. He was always very helpful. Later on I developed my Crew Manager app and traded some ideas with him. We were always planning to have a follow-on discussion on how we could help each other and swap ideas, but unfortunately it never occurred. Condolences to Luiz's family and friends. I am grateful for all he has done for the sailing community.
  9. Once you get the H5000 to recognize it, calibrate using the H5000 and then change all the displays to use the H5000 as the speed through the water source. Otherwise you aren't seeing the calibrated values on the displays. ps - where does the speed sensor connect - directly to the H5000 or via a T connector on the NMEA 2000 network? Can you read the label that may be on the cable by the speed sensor? If so, take a picture and post here.
  10. This using the ICANN Domain Lookup using soverell33.com may allow you to follow up with the registrant: Domain Information Name: SOVEREL33.COM Registry Domain ID: 2132787_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Nameservers: DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM DNS2.NAME-SERVICES.COM DNS3.NAME-SERVICES.COM DNS4.NAME-SERVICES.COM DNS5.NAME-SERVICES.COM Dates Registry Expiration: 2025-10-06 04:00:00 UTC
  11. This cross references on the Airmar site entering the part number 31-590-2-41 reveals the details for a Furuno part: Model ST850 Wiring Info - this is what you need - it can be used as a replacement and you can put on the standard Raymarine pins for the ST60 series displays Install Guide You can cut the lead to the length you need without a problem.
  12. Are you using an analog sensor connected to the H5000 or a NMEA 2000 sensor? If NMEA 2000 sensor you need to change it under "Measured Sources" on the H5000, otherwise the H5000 processor won't see / use it. This is best done using a websocket connection to the H5000 where you have access to more than the H5000 menu on the Zeus.
  13. I find having the digits available in the line of site either on the spray hood or mast more useful. It takes some time for the brain to decypher the analog Sailsteer display which is ok for a crew member not at the helm but distracting if you are on the helm. Any display that requires the helmsman to look away from the telltales or where you are heading I don't think is useful while racing. On the J/111 which is about the same size as my J/109 for distance from helm to mast you may easily read a Triton 2 or H5000 Graphic display that has 4 number boxes that are very readable to display rele
  14. I used to have an NX2 server but ended up replacing it with B&G when various bits in the system started failing from age and Garmin really didn't support the old Nexus gear. On the NX2, there is input conditioning circuitry for the speed and temperature inputs. The temperature circuit failed on mine resulting in always high temperature as verified with another sensor. Somewhere I found a schematic of the NX2 server input circuits but unfortunately no longer have it. Perhaps an anarchist might have a copy of that and post it. The jump to B&G was good as the following items faile
  15. I masked an area on the non-skid then screened on gelcoat thickened with colloidal silica. Once it kicks you can wet sand and put on any adhesive backed labels you want.
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