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  1. Any one have experience with Infanta Dinghies, 3.6 or in general with the company. Never heard of them until today. Specs from web site are pretty skimpy on details. I think the tubes are made from Valmex. That is all I got so far.
  2. Sorry, LIS, Northport Bay, Northport, NY. Big Cat. Great Lines. Blueish Hulls, "Dash" on the stern. Flying a Jamaican Flag on the back. No Mast. Didn't think to grab a snap. They dropped a hook outside Northport harbor in the eve. I don't know what happened next.
  3. I spotted what I believe to be 6802 (Dash) in Northport Bay, sans mast, last night. Anyone know the story?
  4. I've been thinking about the Balance 526. I'm new to cats so would appreciate anybody's opinion. https://balancecatamarans.com/our-models/526-2/
  5. pics as requested. I already tossed the 0ring so no pics. I ordered a new PCB ($100 vs $280 for a new unit) and will try and swap it out to fix this and use it as a spare. The one I purchased at during BIRW to replace this unit also stopped working a few weeks ago but that maybe wiring and I won't know until I step the mast next week. From others experience it would seem I have just had a string of bad luck.
  6. I have been averaging a new transducer every 2 years or so. The last one to die was at BIRW. It had been previously repaired by RM when it had died 2 years earlier. I did a biopsy on it this week and found the PCB board corroded. ORing appeared to have been compromised. RM says this type of failure is very rare. I see the boards for sale in several places along with rebuild videos on youtube so I can't believe it is that rare. Granted most ppl probably don't open it up to look. Curious what other ppl are seeing as to the longevity of this part.
  7. Looking closely, there appears to be a piece of deck that folds down to cover the opening.
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