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  1. Sailing Pro Shop? They got bought / sold, moved next to Minneys, and their website has been down for a few months it seems.
  2. I grew up as a kid reading and circling in the APS catalog for Christmas. Bought some of my first set of Laser gear from APS. First junior program I ran, got all of the staff gear from APS. They were always good to me, but I scratched my head at the switch to clothing only. I ran a sailing clothing only shop for a year and it's damn hard! Ya gotta have small and cheap bits and bobs to get people in the store, but you can only sell so many hats and gloves to keep the lights on. Rent ain't cheap! Colie will be keeping my business like usual. Thanks APS, you will be dearly mis
  3. Political allegiance doesn't get me the damn pickle dish. Hard work does.
  4. I loved the Freddy - Pre Ronstan. Gold Standard by far. I never experienced egregious line wear, but I used to replace my mainsheet twice a year.. Love the Ronstan Orbit, but hot shit does it chew through line like nobody's business. But it's holding power is massive! I'm still doing 12 oz curls for days after racing!
  5. My payment is being first on the boat and last off. I bring my own meals, and don't drink. I'll be 100% on the whole time and my sure my bow team brings their A game. You get me for the weekend. That's my payment. You get the same treatment from me if your paying me( which I've been paid) or if you got me for free. The owner owns the boat and recruits his team for the love of the game, unless he's hiring pro's. If I as a crew have to pay to participate on your team, my name damn well better be on the title, and I get to help decide what races we run, and who gets to crew. That's cal
  6. Still.. A "Laser like dinghy" and a sailboard being within spitting distance of each other in price, just seems silly..
  7. 6800 euros for the sail, foil, and board??!?!! Christ, thats Laser money, and thats a real boat!
  8. Few questions: How old are your kids? How many kids are there? Will they sail together, or alone? What are the other kids in your area sailing?* * If they make friends, and can learn with them and build life long relationships, your really on to something. It's not about the sailing, it's about building a community.
  9. Is the Stampede campaign no longer racing?
  10. Your boat has trapeze?! I don't ever remember seeing a Capri 14.2 with traps! What gives?
  11. J22?? Only need crew of 2 at min, 3 at max.
  12. Musto MPX works a dream! I had HL TP2's as well that worked great for 8 years or so, but obvious difference in quality.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_AD-1
  14. My dad had his Nissan outboard stolen while at his side tie, in Dana Point harbor. If it's not locked or bolted down it seems to be fair game these days..
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