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  1. never ceases to amaze me what 1 phone call and a slab can achieve.
  2. One reason springs to mind. Tiny Elf was thinking of it. Mafioso!
  3. Was away for the weekend so didn't get to ask anybody what Living Doll was doing out last Thursday night into Friday morning. Private overniter? Very stealthy.
  4. Serious fracture of the mast foot on Living Doll. Apparently went with a big bang. More teething problems, or just way too light? Hearing rumors that the laminate schedule for the hull frames was stuffed up and she's just a daysailer. A lot of lead up/shakedown time lost before Hobart. Hope they can get it sorted in time. Old Doll on the Hard at Royals too. Also saw Cougar in the yard at Sandy with rig out , stays and spreaders off. Last couple of Div zero races have been pretty bruising, i wonder if they've got issues or just programmed maintenance. Nothing obvious wrong with mast or
  5. "Seem to remember a Melbourne crew of amateur part time weekend warriors was good enough to hand the panties back to the "All Star" fleet at Hammo this year." their tactician last sturday was a Sydneysider who put them OCS at the first start. but Malato wouldn't have seen that from a div2 boat would he?
  6. if you're inferring that SHITE sailing does'nt happen in Sydney, you've never been there.
  7. re: pig rooters testy lot are'nt ya! mind you dont' pull a heartstring. anybody notice a few boys from Cookson's making expensive noises downstairs on Living Doll? less than a week in country and out of the water getting serious work before first race. wonder if it will be playing this w'end and with whom? i seem to recall some stinky breath didn't share my view on this either fuck it
  8. so i'm an idiot because i reckon 38's are pig rooters? mate, we've both done enuf miles on the things to know it's the case. masthead kites wont change what goes on underneath now will they? no more than prodders on 47's though eh? might get them going earlier but they'll still trip over themselves at the same speed they always have.
  9. masthead kites on 38's = lipstick on pig still most fractional 38's appeared faster than SC on sat
  10. ha! that's bloody ripe coming you breath of 10,000 cocks.
  11. if you mean we'll see it in the slings a lot. i don't expect it will set the world on fire immediatley. i may be proved wrong, but it may take till after hobart or SGW before we see it's true potential. if iam wrong it will be due to the hiring of some heavier hitters than are currentlyon the personnel list. don't get me wrong now! i'm not having a crack at one of the best crews in the country,( see airlie and hammo results) but to get this boat on the money straight away, they'll probly have to get some help. it will definitley look hornbag full on evil robot chubby fast, but it may get
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