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  1. What is that white stuff… I’ll just ignore it
  2. It’s A USO or China is just racing with them. Rubbing is racing… So now I understand where my nuclear bomb flash dreams came from last night and the reason CBC radio is talking about the USA taking a saber rattling stance with China on Taiwan!
  3. Is google your search engine? You have a choice now, set as default.. can’t believe I said that… google is a data vacuum on line =$ for them.
  4. No self-respecting toilet would accept the shit resulting from that diet. Thought this thread was about tools na ……. That’s a shit tool!!!
  5. IPad or any armored tablet any fire truck with paw patrol on it a toy digger oh I mean Exkapater 3 ft long stuffed toy tiger John Deere toy metal 10 inch farm traction engine / tractor
  6. Single sculls can carry a small surf board fin in the stern bottom area to help in straight line tracking. You could try a sailing canoe tip up rudder they are fixed with pintails and gudgeons to the stern and have lines on a cross bar to move them. Or a smaller rudder set up like double or 8 rowing shell using a kayak rudder set up.
  7. You need to try to move the center of gravity around to balance out the weather vaining. And get a real single scull.
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