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  1. It’s not every night the police save a sailor from the final ride of his life. Better it is ended this way . He was on a one way trip out into the deep blue. Darwin was cheated. Tho I suspect Mr. Darwin will get a chance test this flying fucker again!
  2. you will have better luck taking this question to fix it anarchy 3/8 x 16 stainless hex head 316 stainless steel 12 inches long Add the thread type, sheet metal, wood, machine, lag thread count helps sae or metric for stainless you can add the stainless type 304 316 ect use screw or u may be screwed and I look at images search results to cull the wrong ones fast then there is the hardness type code
  3. Old school planing had stages 1, 2, 3.,ext. all about the hull physics locking into the hull wave form. As speed goes up power needed to advance in stages goes way up. With foils could we add to the numbers untill you get to a kite pulling the hull out of the water at times?
  4. What is that white stuff… I’ll just ignore it
  5. It’s A USO or China is just racing with them. Rubbing is racing… So now I understand where my nuclear bomb flash dreams came from last night and the reason CBC radio is talking about the USA taking a saber rattling stance with China on Taiwan!
  6. Is google your search engine? You have a choice now, set as default.. can’t believe I said that… google is a data vacuum on line =$ for them.
  7. No self-respecting toilet would accept the shit resulting from that diet. Thought this thread was about tools na ……. That’s a shit tool!!!
  8. IPad or any armored tablet any fire truck with paw patrol on it a toy digger oh I mean Exkapater 3 ft long stuffed toy tiger John Deere toy metal 10 inch farm traction engine / tractor
  9. Single sculls can carry a small surf board fin in the stern bottom area to help in straight line tracking. You could try a sailing canoe tip up rudder they are fixed with pintails and gudgeons to the stern and have lines on a cross bar to move them. Or a smaller rudder set up like double or 8 rowing shell using a kayak rudder set up.
  10. You need to try to move the center of gravity around to balance out the weather vaining. And get a real single scull.
  11. Hell already Freezes every winter in Michigan’s Thumb.
  12. Studying business 101 in collage the prof had us go to a pile of annual reports and had each student pick one to study. When We got back to our chairs and he asked me why I picked the one I had. l answered simply “ I picked one off the top of the pile”. He said “ very shrewd.” Then he went on to explained we were going to take a field trip to Ann Arbor, Mi that semester to the annual stock holders meeting with a tour of the research lab of the company I had picked. A Cold Fusion power generating start up corporation. That was in 1975. I’ve followed the promise of cold fusion from a inve
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