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  1. Huey - please format post. That's just a scroll through unreadable garbage. Oioi
  2. Hi Kristian Have seascape and beneteau parted company? You talk about a divorce? Are there going to be new seascapes? I remember being in your offices outside Ljubljana looking at some of the prep work for this boat back in 2018. All the plans for what you saw as the competition were on the walls. Good luck with what you do next.
  3. Nice boats and that one is half tempting. If only it had a trailer and a sprit rather than pole...
  4. Go on, what's the boat? I'm looking for a j/92 style boat
  5. Sounds promising! Hope to see it at Das Boot
  6. I reckon there will be a few more Wednesday night, when the wind shutsdown around the scillies. If you're not in the channel and south of the ridge, the bar in falmouth will be very appealing.
  7. You can always not declare and retire are cruising the finish line. I did that once after a fellow competitor kindly pointed out i had not sailed the correct course. Fortunately it was not the Fastnet.
  8. Interesting list. Raisson's scow mini should be on the list. That trend is now established in class40 and imoca and is moving into the cruiser/ racers.
  9. To put in perspective, 25 years ago "Silk Cut, claimed a new 24-hour monohull world record of 449.1 nm, averaging 18.71 knots on Leg 2 from Cape Town, South Africa to Fremantle, Western Australia." that was 60ft and fully crewed. This is 40ft 2 up. the class 40s don't have swing keels, lifting dagger boards etc. Just fucking fast boats. Chapeau!
  10. Not sure if that was sarcasm or you have never sailed in the med? I've been through that bit of water a few times and beating into that breeze would have been hard going. Seas can build quickly with a short sharp sea state with an inconsistent wave pattern. You also get various land effects that means the breeze can also be shifty and gusty. Perfect conditions for breaking shit
  11. The name is brilliant https://www.leboncoin.fr/nautisme/1992096916.htm?ac=4051296304 Fanny translates differently in English to American
  12. Well worth a watch. Nicely presented, informative, not to dumbed down - liked the comment about different helming ideas. hope the standard continues
  13. Was looking for a way to move drugs around and realised sailing was very lightly policed and looked at. Right accent and boat, nobody questions what you are doing.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-4-ton-racing-sailing-yacht-mast-/254889307155?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Raced Showdown back in the day, saw her rotting outside a pub in Cornwall 10 (??) Years ago. Now yours for 99 pence.
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