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  1. What a hospital pass thrown by the pm to Ashley at 1300hrs.
  2. Obviously they have got a other leak!!!!! Still waiting (2 months) for episode 37
  3. Good save there Topmast....I was starting to get withdraw symptoms.
  4. Yes the gov'ts did get an agreement NZ got 5 million?? Pfizer shots from Spain a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Why would she go bush a day before the Northland case was publicly announced??????
  6. I feel like I am in a drier........so much spin, I wish I could see clearly thru all the spin, red herings, u turns etc.
  7. Good boat that one 4 down centre column. Pity we could getting it going in the new rating trim for the Admiral cup trials.
  8. Taken from Crew Let's see how much of is true. Can't be less than the red beach story Hidden info by Labour about the Northland COVID case, the actual story that the news aren’t telling you? Prostitute who came up on an essential workers pass which she obtained through the Mongrel Mob leader Tam who was granted one last week. He came up to encourage his members up here to have the vaccine. He brought her with her and she posed as a “support worker”. She was staying at the hotel on Riverside near the town basin, had sex with a couple of the Mongrel Mob members. Then she
  9. I see EB was on Rambler 88 for yesterdays race. From EuroSail News #4935 The Rambler 88 crew were particularly on best behavior as sailing with them today was Alinghi Team Principal, Ernesto Bertarelli, with whom many, including Butterworth, won and then defended the America's Cup in 2003 and 2007.
  10. 18 months in the making. and they still spin it.
  11. We have tried on the otherside of the Tasman, but failed.
  12. How about turning the table saw in to a precise sander? Cut and sand in one pass. and a straight sander.
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