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  1. Try this! https://www.facebook.com/LoveLaylaAustralia/videos/2115524908711158 And its from your part of the world.
  2. They copied the NZ flag the thieving bastards, still got their colonial roots.
  3. Got a lifejacket for my 10th birthday, and followed my 2 older brothers to the local sailing club. that was 62 years ago.
  4. Earl Like most internet discussions, a simple idea ends up with multiple outcomes.
  5. John An interesting case you have shown, if yellow recognize her mistake and takes the penalty well ahead of the pile she has caused with the 3 and in a lot of instances more boats, yellow should keep doing turns until the last boat once freed from the pileup has passed yellow, E4.3.b.
  6. EB. Radio Sailing is a "self policing" and every skipper SHOULD do their turns NO I am not and never will advocating that hitting marks is ok., far from it as I get totally pissed off when boats contact each other and marks and just continue on like if nothing has happened. Sometimes I will retire from races, if I want to play bumper boats I would take my grandchildren to the local theme park. Last weekend there was IOM 1 day regatta for the skippers of the local clubs, there where 21 of us, but we had the silly "cold marks" operating, In all the 16 races at the top mark on the
  7. and change the NoR's, as this is the document that I can make a choice of entering and regatta or not, if Rule 31 is amended to allow "cold marks" I may not waste my money and time travelling to such a regatta.
  8. Just read an interesting article on the QRYA website, "Competition Vs Fun" https://qrya.com.au/index.php/home/latest-news/491-competition-vs-fun No sure whether its taking the piss as it was dated ! April 2021 but it bang on the money. Well done the writer.
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