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    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Mozzy has some completion the jumper arena.
  2. As they say "only 2 more sleeps".
  3. NW12knts@1600hrs NW10knts@1900hrs
  4. SloopJohnB

    Oil!. Is the future of world energy

    Just at a fast rate.
  5. SloopJohnB

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Just heard that RNZYS has merged with a club on the Perisian Gulf.(wink)
  6. SloopJohnB

    how old are you?

    Just boosted the second to bottom age group a d the longest member group....bloody hell I had to check but it's been 17 years of reading ba, lies, bullying and abuse......but loving it. But another 17 years could pushing it.
  7. SloopJohnB

    Causes for heavy steering wheel?

    Should have made from carbon instead of teak and bronze.
  8. SloopJohnB

    Its hard to find a real answer

    still poles apart!
  9. SloopJohnB


    Come on I use to do 24 hours races, nothing like rewinding motors in the middle of the night.
  10. SloopJohnB

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

  11. New Zealand, or K1W1land.
  12. SloopJohnB

    Prada Final Winner Poll

    Abit one eyed there strider......I gave Prada 2 wins
  13. SloopJohnB

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I heard 57 knts a couple of weeks ago.
  14. SloopJohnB

    Ben Ainslie

    I thought you poms where given free lunches!
  15. SloopJohnB

    Dick Carter design boats

    I can remember throwing a blanket in the roll to take up the fullness in the main.
  16. SloopJohnB

    Dick Carter design boats

    Ydra had it on the spinnaker pole downhauls.
  17. SloopJohnB

    INEOS Team GB

    The fish aren't biting.
  18. SloopJohnB

    Friday Tension Gauges

    Where the fuck are we???
  19. SloopJohnB

    Britton Chance jr designs archives

    You are correct the GD is only a stern factor. Off hand the to bow girths were FGS was 5/8 and IFGS was 3/4 BMAX and the aft griths were IAGS was 3/4 and AGS was 7/8 BMAX and if the stern was a flatty and the girth wire did not fit around the body at the stern corner (AGS) the increase distance was the GD, and was added to the IAGS girth. I stand corrected on this as the old grey matter is trying to dig back into the memory banks of the earlier 70's.
  20. SloopJohnB

    Radio controlled sailing

    Thanks some of us are lazy, I was thinking of coming across in 2019! 2018 in Hobart, the first time in six trips I have seen Hobart without the Cascade haze.
  21. SloopJohnB

    Radio controlled sailing

    What regatta is this?
  22. SloopJohnB

    Team NYYC

    I f you go back to the earlier races, even last year Dean appears to be fighting the wheel all the way around the course.