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  1. Saw a good one yesterday: "76% of the world is covered by seawater, the rest is covered by N'Golo Kante" Pulisic is first American to win the ECL finals. It was a good day for the Blues for sure.
  2. Been a tough few games for Chelsea, I just hope they pull off a win in the ECL finals against Man. City. That would be awesome.
  3. Yup, got two now to be watched, although the western Gulf of Mexico one looks like it will bring Texas some rain and wind, thats all. True, it is strange that it would form over cooler water. Here is the surface temps for the two areas of disturbance.
  4. Ha! Most of you here are already at that stage, just ask @El Mariachi. He's been there for awhile
  5. Still one of the best ones on here, aside from International Cleavage Day
  6. We have a few hawks that live out here on the rig with us. Have nests up in the derrick of the drillship and everything. They decimate the little birds that get blown out to sea and take refuge here on the rig. The platform up in the derrick looks like a scene from pet cemetery. Its not uncommon to find bird carcasses all over the rig. It makes for a good show when they fly around trying to catch the smaller birds in front of the wheelhouse. Had one nesting in the forward radar mast. Had to go up there once and I was about three feet away from it. Wasn't even scared one bit, it just st
  7. Considering the Man City/Chelsea game will be the same matchup for the Champions League final, I am hoping for the same result. Tuchel has been good for Chelsea so far.
  8. ^^^^^ THIS! It could be said for a number of states.
  9. I'd say they have a chance if they play like they did against Madrid. It will be tough, Man City is playing very well indeed. Still awesome that the ECL finals is two EPL teams.
  10. This is like celebrity death match for all of us who've been on here awhile. The banter between Boothy and BJ is pure gold. I don't have a dog in the fight....met Boothy in real life but not BJ. Surprised to see Snags pulled into this This place is full of cunts, some get called out on things which spurs threads like this, and a few of those cunts have posted on this very thread (I've been around long enough to know which ones, but I won't call them out using the @ ). Anyway this is good shit, keeping it going!
  11. Well shit, I was gonna do some sandbar days in a few weeks. Will have to keep an eye on it. In decent breeze a MC is a handful, even for an ex-Finn sailor (6'3" 230 lbs). Definitely a prominent fleet in the middle of the state, but not so much on the coasts. I've got my eye on doing a complete rebuild of an old Flying Scot for me and the bowgirl.
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