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  1. He can't help himself, lot of people can't. Sad isn't it?
  2. It is closed, but people still go on it. I've done it, having grown up on Oahu.
  3. Those GL bulkers are nothing but huge bathtubs, much like the supply boats I ran here in the Gulf. They have stood the test of time operating on the GL, but even ships designed for ocean crossings go down if it gets nasty enough (i.e. El Faro). The lakes have really short periods between waves due to the depths. We have the same issue out here in the GOM, luckily this big drillship I'm on handles it well, even in the big stuff. You push around barges for Western Towboat?
  4. That looks awfully like the house at Bathtub Beach in Stuart. Every year they spend money on beach maintenance to counter the erosion....doesn't work. Its only a matter of time before that house falls and then no one will be able to go to that beach (which is awesome if you have young kids). The entire southeastern seaboard is probably dealing with stupid people with way too much money and not enough common sense.
  5. Yeah, that didn't go as I thought it would either. Sorry, mate. Turned out to be a good weekend for the boys in Blue.
  6. He's just trying to impress Trump and his followers....and its working unfortunately.
  7. Blues are still top of the table.
  8. My 4 year old is pretty creative with his legs and train tracks. The older kids do alright in that department. As stated before, its all about the parents.
  9. I see what you did there....
  10. I will be watching it when I get home, bowgirl and I are excited. The books and first series were good, I'm excited to see it.
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    The stuff you get from the small mom and pop stores in places like Houma and Cocodrie is so much better then Zatarans, but when you aren't down the bayou often enough then Zats works well.
  12. That makes so much sense now.....
  13. Jkdubz808


    Pouring boiling hot water into the nest works well I have found. The surrounding grass doesn't like it much but it actually works well for killing the bastards. Otherwise I use the powder stuff you can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Forget the exact name, but thats effective as well. We battle fire ants all year round it seems like in South Florida.
  14. Not going to lie, I'm liking the standings right now..... Especially considering my MLS team was shit this season (Inter Miami) and my La Liga team (Barcelona) is having its own issues. COYB!
  15. How come time goes by a hell of a lot quicker when I am at home versus when I'm out here on the rig?
  16. For the driving I do, I'm not overly concerned about the range. It still has 10K of towing (which will affect range, I know), and they already make bed covers that have solar panels on them to tie into the main batteries. Will it charge enough to compensate while driving? No probably not, but if it charges a little while just sitting in the driveway or in a parking lot? I'll take that. It won't be for everyone, but it flits the bill for what I do.
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