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  1. bridget jones locker
  2. B&G works great if you know what you want from it. friend who does high level sailing runs h5000 systems with expedition and has added different polars for starting and racing etc. but they spend a day before a regatta on finetuning the numbers if they have new sails for the race. but again, that is high level sailing. for most people, an h5000 system like that is overkill. Also, if you have not calibrated your sensors or laser aligned your wind unit, measurements will be off. computing numbers with garbage, gives garbage output. most people can/should live happily with a Raymarine s
  3. it's an ambitious program, and slander it all you want. but he is turning his idea into reality and learning by doing to improve the system. but yeah, you can complain that what he does, is not enough. how many tries to get this baby right....
  4. j/99 is 200k in Europe dressed up with a good set of electronics and a good set of sails. 100k more is a lot for a non carbon boat. they also appear a bit slower than expected, but I like the looks of the dehler 30.
  5. yes, but you do the same with long boarding.
  6. I like the idea. these are answers I received a couple of years ago on fast antifouling/bottom. especially part 2 which was apparently from someone who did the research for some America's cup syndicates. 1. Wipe the surface down with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 2. Sand the surface with 80 grit paper 3. Remove all sanding residue with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 4. Fill all damaged areas with Watertite Epoxy Filler 5. Sand the Watertite with 80 grit paper 6. Remove all sanding residue with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 7. Apply 2 coats of InterProtect 200
  7. nice little equipment. auto upwind/downwind selection is handy. been on 2 boats that had these installed. one with a triton setup and one with an H5000 setup. best thing is the customizing of the screen layout. to focus on what's important.
  8. JMOD


    swan 45 would be close in shape. however, on the swan 45, the higher aspect keel combined with 280 draft would always win over a similar hull shape with a more moderate keel and less draft
  9. for your inspiration, this is Starling Burgess, the latest boat to enter the 8MR fleet. She was scratch build of the plans of a never built 8mR yacht design by Starling Burgess (in case you don't know, he designed all winning J/Class desgins) after the win of J/Class Ranger. The design dates from 1937, which makes her a 3rd Ruler. Built in Germany, and truly a work of art and craftsmanship.
  10. think mostly offshore use, so less rail meat and tacking. how efficient is it? did anyone do a CFD analysis yet?
  11. an overlooked detail, that can make a lot of difference to the durability of the boat. Replace the sealants every couple of years. also check the sealants at the hardware.
  12. congrats! so, what did you change and how did you attack the proces?
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