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  1. if it is a 1981 boat, you will not get close due to sun fading unless your boat has been stored inside for all it's life... You'll always end up matching by looks I'm afraid
  2. JMOD

    J88 Code 0

    elvstrom has a good solution for a cable less code 0. works pretty well
  3. iregatta, vakaros and racemaster all work well. get an extra batterypack in your see through waterproof pouch. Velcro on the back of the pouch and instant electronics. Sailmon used to have a very good app. but they decided at one point that it should work with their hardware instead of stand alone
  4. plans for a flux capacitor
  5. J99 base mast settings.pdf Hope this helps too!
  6. explaining the road to the gspot where you can drop your anchor
  7. I play this game a lot when I have a short time of nothing to do. it is addictive. besides, it's helping the sail racer software to develop a better algorithm by playing the game
  8. make it vanta black, it will also make it more difficult to spot the curves of the hull and foils.
  9. yeah, very glad this is coming through!
  10. big difference offshore and inshore. I believe if you look at old images of the BOR 90 trimaran, it started as I believe Foncia. Then the modifications started, beginning with losing the skeg and rudder on the central pod, then the crossbeams, mast went way up. horses for courses
  11. is Team American Magic fully a yacht club entity? I can imagine with the amounts of money going round, and the chance of legal repercussions, that any team is a separate legal entity? In The Netherlands, the major events are separate entities to ensure that mismanagement of an event, means that a club will stay financially out.
  12. do it ac45 style and make it out of 3DL. connect with a big keelboat race program and ask for an old main
  13. hmmm, big sundeck and if we add a heater, some cushions, and a supboard for the kids, this is actually a nice cruiser
  14. nice! keep up the good work! there is something very rewarding to fix up a nice wooden boat! this is a picture of 8mR falcon designed and built by William Fife in 1930. She is a weapon now, but before was a neglected liveaboard cruiser in Canada. Owner is a fife enthusiast so thought it was worth it to restore her. Your hobby with this boat, and that of the owner of Falcon, gives people like me something nice to look at on the water and sail on her! thank you
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