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  1. you can also attach them on the stanchion on the side, going across. of, if you want to do it the fancy way, install a ropeye through deck loop and attach it there.
  2. cool! nice to meet a fellow 8mR sailor!
  3. which boat did you sail on? send all stories, pictures or anything to the 8mR group on Facebook, or to me press@8mr.org love more Stories, especially from our North American friends!
  4. 8mr Docking from a few years back! will try to make some new video's at this years World Cup in Enkhuizen
  5. did a relax Saturday racing with J/70's and dragons. marks were set from onboard one of the competitors boats. we got 5 races in as it also does the starting time audio signals. all the while, the upper mark bot adjusted until the horn sounded to be upwind. gave great courses and as said, 2 more races then on a normal race day.
  6. J/9 is very expensive in Europe due to import tariffs of 25% on the including VAT price of boats. J/9 is not and will not be built in Europe
  7. The dutch have many different names for almost the same type of boat. The Lemster Aak is the one which is mostly used for racing. A German sailing magazine did a test race of an aak racing against an X40.(click here for the link) it was pretty close! These Lemster aken have gone considerably high tech. with Andre Hoek providing VPP predictions for different hull shapes and the dagger boards provide lift as well. also North sails developed racing sails for these boats. so now they even go upwind very well. https://www.yachtingworld.com/yachts-and-gear/extraordinary-boats-new-take-d
  8. In The Netherlands, non of the boats have waterballast. and I would advocate against a d0uble rudder unless in specific situations like long distance single handing. the single rudder is big and works well in almost all situations. when unsure, look at the big classes. Inshore, team sailing, think TP52, single rudder. offshore singlehanded, think imoca, open 40 etc, double rudder.The iRC keel works well as you have earlier flow, but the standard keel has more righting moment due to lower center of gravity. otherwise, not much difference. So in a field, all 5 of them, tend to stick to each othe
  9. There are several good 8’s for sale at the moment. You can snap one up and direct participate in the 8mr worldcup in The Netherlands. Held from 28th of august until September first. there will also be a new 8, which comes fresh off the yard and is built to the latest Starling Burgess design that was discovered but never made.
  10. Ester was a 50ft rocketship, well ahead of her time. many items you find on TP52's were put into place in this 1901 rocket ship. under deck turnbuckles for the shrouds to reduce windage, all halyards led to below deck for a lower center of gravity, aluminium truss rods for stiffness. deep fin keel with bulb. All screws and rivets were drilled out (in 1901) which would save another 17kg in total... https://www.yachtingworld.com/extraordinary-boats/ester-classic-swedish-racing-yacht-125105
  11. yesterday, there was a training with dragons on the IJsselmeer. our club has a set of these buoys, pro could set and adjust the course alone. for bigger races, I agree, it will not save on volunteers as you want them standby. but for easy training sessions, it works well and the need for volunteers is diminished, keeping them free for bigger events.
  12. JMOD


    had a LP, great guitar. sold it, now have a PRS also great, but mostly play on my Elferink jazzbox.
  13. under the tiller. install 4 padeyes on deck to lash it. (this was taken during dry fitting soft deck, so don't mind the gaps)
  14. wait till you read the story about the 8mR doing the Sydney- Hobart multiple times! also a great read!
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