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  1. Longmorn is also very good. less peat but rich flavour. Also Arran 15yrs is a treat! so much so, that my friends and me bought a cask 10yrs ago, which will be kept in cask for at least 5 more.
  2. some keels work better than others. Ian Howlett designed a great keel for modern 8mR yachts. some of the moderns that started with different keel designs, changed to his design. most of them work best through the different trim tabs. so currently, moving underwater appendages are limited to 5. first picture is of Yquem 2 a dubois design boat, current world champion. the second and fourth one are the old tandemkeel of MissU the former winner of the world cup. she is currently converted to the keel of Hollandia. in picture 3. Hollandia was a dominant yacht for many years.
  3. an 8 is a different beast indeed, racing with 7. I love the lines of most metre yachts and love that you can follow the development of the designs through time. the 5.5 is a great design as well. especially with the high aspect jibs. I like sailing on most of them too. they are just different from the rest of the boats. the old 8's (or any class) might not look like it compared to moderns, but they are pure race designs from the outside. we had several really high profile pro's on mainsail/tactics and they all sail the boat different. but there are ways to make her really fly if you sail an 8
  4. you might want to check how Juan K latest 6mr faired before ordering 8mR class is alive and kicking. unfortunately the Worldcup was cancelled due to covid for the past 2 years due to the circumstances in The Netherlands. but already 15 yachts have registered for the world cup in geneva next year ranging in age from early 1900, to the latest 2017 model. There is also a new boat, which is the last 8mR designed but never built from Starling Burgess. designed after the America's cup tests he did for ranger and all others. immaculate build quality, she already proves very slippery
  5. I would not feel too comfortable with that setup driving around.
  6. interesting difference between 39.13 and 39.12 of the sporting regulations about the timing of the safety car. See bold below. the restarts and safety cars is one area where the should streamline the rules. https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2021_formula_1_sporting_regulations_-_iss_5_-_2020-12-16.pdf 39.12 If the clerk of the course considers it safe to do so, and the message "LAPPED CARS MAY NOW OVERTAKE" has been sent to all teams Competitors via the official messaging system, any cars that have been lapped by the leader will be required to pass the cars on the lead
  7. It's great if you read different fora: Hamilton fans will say that Verstappen caught all the lucky breaks and they were hard done by, and verstappen fans will say the exact opposite. so I think masi did fine. All teams signed a document that stated that they strive to finish a race racing instead of behind a safety car. Red bull was able to use the VCS and SC to change tires BECAUSE they were second and could see what Hamilton was doing. Mercedes CHOSE not to go in for fresher tires. Red Bull just dealt with the situation at hand better and probably thanks to being second. if the ro
  8. thanks!! do you leave the fitting on the tackline? or is there an easy way to take it off without the hazard of dropping it in the water?
  9. Hi Blur, what fitting is that under your furler. that must help heaps with keeping the drum aligned when furling and unfurling!
  10. data is interesting... They both drive with their elbows out. Yes max breaks, but they were already 200km/h slower than normal there. they lost 5s alone in the sector where verstappen tried to let Hamilton pass. If verstappen would have engine problems, I doubt Hamilton would stay direct behind verstappen and slow down as well. in my view, He knew what was going on. there was no ambiguity, the telemetry shows this too. Changing tires under red flag, Hamilton knows about this too. after he put max in the wall at Silverstone, he changed tires during the red flag that followed on this crash.
  11. Solaris Jboats and swan are still going so far.
  12. only one error, Red Bull is an Austrian company
  13. on the 8mR I sail on, we had the choice after restoration to choose either regular winches, but opted for sliding bearing instead of needles on standard winches. The reason is that the winch loads up massively with a 186% jib, and the solid bearing has less friction under load, and less likely to damage the stem on the pressure points of the needle bearing.
  14. B&G works great if you know what you want from it. friend who does high level sailing runs h5000 systems with expedition and has added different polars for starting and racing etc. but they spend a day before a regatta on finetuning the numbers if they have new sails for the race. but again, that is high level sailing. for most people, an h5000 system like that is overkill. Also, if you have not calibrated your sensors or laser aligned your wind unit, measurements will be off. computing numbers with garbage, gives garbage output. most people can/should live happily with a Raymarine s
  15. it's an ambitious program, and slander it all you want. but he is turning his idea into reality and learning by doing to improve the system. but yeah, you can complain that what he does, is not enough. how many tries to get this baby right....
  16. j/99 is 200k in Europe dressed up with a good set of electronics and a good set of sails. 100k more is a lot for a non carbon boat. they also appear a bit slower than expected, but I like the looks of the dehler 30.
  17. yes, but you do the same with long boarding.
  18. I like the idea. these are answers I received a couple of years ago on fast antifouling/bottom. especially part 2 which was apparently from someone who did the research for some America's cup syndicates. 1. Wipe the surface down with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 2. Sand the surface with 80 grit paper 3. Remove all sanding residue with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 4. Fill all damaged areas with Watertite Epoxy Filler 5. Sand the Watertite with 80 grit paper 6. Remove all sanding residue with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 7. Apply 2 coats of InterProtect 200
  19. nice little equipment. auto upwind/downwind selection is handy. been on 2 boats that had these installed. one with a triton setup and one with an H5000 setup. best thing is the customizing of the screen layout. to focus on what's important.
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