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  1. You must be talking about Tom. Great guy, sailed many races on Horizon and other local boats with him. It was a great day, pretty tame for the channel though. I remember all the big talk of wind and waves on the way in and upon arrival it was light and calm. Still it was great to see the island and get to those Mai Tai's.
  2. Man I miss Horizon, that was a fun race. That's me standing in the middle of the cockpit, white hat, about to work the pedestal for grinding. That boat was a 110/100. The owner really loved her.
  3. Dana Point Yacht Clubs Bylaws as follows: 8. Military Member 8.1 Eligibility ā€“ Active duty members of any branch of the military services stationed within the Southern California Yachting Association area and who meet the boating interest qualifications for Equity Members may become Military Members. 8.2 Rights and Privileges ā€“ A Military Member shall have all rights and privileges of the Club except the right to vote, transfer membership, hold elected office or share in the assets of the Club. The spouse and children of the Military Member may continue to enjoy Club privileges
  4. I believe they were bought out by Zodiac who now makes their line of hypalon ribs and inflatables. In fact West Marine private labeled their inflatables for awhile as well adding to the mix.
  5. We have a 3 blade Flex-O-Fold on our Cat 42. We sail with the transmission in reverse to keep the prop from rotating and allow the blades to close. Never an issue to get the transmission back to neutral to start as there is very little pressure on the gears once the blades close.
  6. Grew up sailing on one in SoCal. Parents bought one of the last hulls built by Catalina in 88/89. As Sloop said, original design was the Yankee 38, Butler bought the molds and designed a new cabin top to better suit cruising and interior space. Boat was solid, trucked upwind with the sliver of main and giant 155%. Downwind was always interesting, basically building speed and lowering into the water as the hull just dug a hug hole. I remember a few times my father standing shin deep in water behind the wheel as the scuppers drew more water in than out. Good accommodations for a couple, la
  7. When I redid the thru bolts for my turning blocks on the O30 I used this: https://www.westsystem.com/specialty-epoxies/six10-thickened-epoxy-adhesive/ Very easy to use, over drilled and did the allen key clean out of the holes prior to filling with the epoxy. Taped the underside and filled. After I just drilled, used some basic silicone sealant and bolted the blocks back. The West Systems made for easy clean up and no fuss in getting accurate mixing. I would highly recommend this.
  8. Locus, thank you. I actually did it thru Garmin's "Chat" feature and it was relatively painless. Did the $300 exchange just so I wasn't waiting around for the deliveries. The replacement is a refurb so hopefully it works as promised.
  9. Quatix 5 issue: Up/Menu button no longer responsive. Has anyone dealt with Garmin on repair's? The watch is less than a year old and I have reached out to their support via email but no response yet. All of the other buttons function fine.
  10. Here is a list of contract J boat builders: https://jboats.com/contact-us/builders
  11. You might try looking for a used Melges 32 trailer. They are very similar in set up and might be able to convert to the hendo especially if it is just for yard usage.
  12. We have a local J92 that went from inboard to outboard due to a fishing line incident around the shaft. Here is there certificate. Currently they are highly competitive against an Olson 30 and j-29 along with various other B Fleet boats. Click on the arrows in the modification area to see adjustment/reason. https://c0eru285.caspio.com/dp/0dc330002829dcc1ad864b5bb094?appSession=025PN0C8WW5M3JGN8LSEMB7537A9PR4F29H998J35774C60U97R1W5JWXK4JO6D801999CRG0J197I54VDKIXXP0Y3C6C20IA00SLYQC67CTDK181LJKL720485Q5MU1&RecordID=3420&PageID=8&PrevPageID=2&cpipage=4&CPIsortType=asc&a
  13. Harkens Face plate with guards. https://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=5112&taxid=414 The 310 thru deck is what is used on the M32 for mast head shives. They make is custom though with a fully welded box. https://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=8585&taxid=414
  14. Always a fantastic view from the Friendliest Club on the coast. Dana Point YC
  15. Iā€™m a little biased on this but the Catalina 42 is a pretty well rounded boat, my parents have had one for going on 20 yrs now. I think the one bonus it has over the Jeanneau is the separate shower stall in the owners cabin. Also the 42 has a great owners association that is very active so questions or modifications can be researched very easily. The boat sails very well for its rating and the quality of the build is very good. Sometimes resale values are telling, kinda like how J boats or other select brands tend to command prices slightly higher than others. The Cal is in a totally d
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