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  1. ORLY.....Well...if you have anything that can be ripped into the little planks you see in the pic....FEQ teak is shockingly expensive.
  2. The only good news is that the teak is at the end of its useful life.
  3. My guess is if the founding father's knew more about Eagle's habits, it might not have been selected. Usually when I see them they are eating something dead on the beach. Impressively big, though... When the baitfish/menhaden (Is that what they are?) are running it's fun to watch a 4-way melee. Ospreys vs Seagulls vs Seals vs Prey Fish.
  4. Even though they litter...
  5. Yes. It’s pretty surprising behavior that someone would do that as it’s really a one boat anchorage. (Well, at least in my mind). One at the cliffs and one at the head works better.
  6. I’d say there’s not room for two at the head of Winter Harbor. I’d move under the cliffs. Most people give it a pass if they see someone there.
  7. Tenants is great. One time the yard came out in pouring rain in a whaler to point us to a mooring.
  8. That sucks. I guess that's a hint of the last time I was there.... No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.
  9. Last time I was there I rented a Padebco mooring, so I used their dock.
  10. I must be doing it wrong. The one I downloaded has pretty amazing capabilities... but it wants $50
  11. Fair enough. I also really dislike it when someone parks upwind of me a sets off their grill or fires up their generator a peak apres-ski hours.
  12. EDIT: Lots of people don't stop in Muscongus because many of the the anchorages are so far up bay and there is a bunch of unmarked semi-unmarked ledges. Most people bypass on their way to Penobscot. In settled weather: Allen Island / Burnt Island. Can be rolly. but very pretty. Harbor Island. Well protected from the South - entrance requires a little bravery as you need to line up with the rocks due North coming in and not go past the dock in the harbor Cow Island: Probably too shallow for you, but I do see some big yachts there on occasion. If Blowing from
  13. Same. Everyone passes by Muscongus Bay, so that's often where I hide until things clear-out. We like Seal Bay but it can get crowded. We might claim a spot in Winter Harbor. Rules? We don't got no stinking rules!
  14. Sadly, that's not quite how international Corp Tax works. It's hugely complex, and I can think of exceptions for everything I say here...but in crayons on a napkin...C Corps pay income tax, LLC and S Corp's beneficial owners pay normal personal income tax. Dividends and Distributions get taxed at normal rates unless publicly held long-term. To pay the US C-Corp without running into transfer price issues, you need to demonstrate the substance of the US C-Corp. Entities with no "substance" would be disregarded entities for tax purposes. Everywhere the C-Corp has "operations" would be required
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