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  1. Also a good reminder why a grill on the rail is so important.
  2. That's a good question. I've never seen one with an offset companionway. But then again, those were wrecks or re-creations of wrecks and so perhaps unlucky.
  3. OT: You have to use a special carpenters ruler to make sure all your doorways and windows are favorable. It's called a 魯班尺 Lu Ban Chi - Luban's ruler, Lu Ban being patron god of carpenters/builders/contractors. Possibly useful to people with offset companionways to help mitigate the impending doom. There are four measures on this ruler: 1) Taiwan System left by the Japanese Empire, 2) Ding Lan System for houses, 3) Wen Gong System for religious stuff and lastly Metric because you have to build stuff to code.
  4. Every once in a while you need something that has smooth consistency that is hard to do by hand. I'd say a small blender/chopper. Whole seasonings last longer, but sometimes it's hard to get a good consistency with a mortar and pestle. Living overseas, constantly changing voltages, I had to learn to make most things from scratch and by hand.
  5. I'm sure you could make a removable roller that could bolt to a tack fitting. It doesn't need to be strong enough to take anchoring loads - just enough to get the anchor up and down. The rode goes to a chock once the anchor is down. If you use rope rode like they used to with just 10-15' of chain, you can lead the rode back to a sheet or halyard winch (helps if you have those olde style mid-ships genoa winches). Anchor rode lived in a milk crate. Anchor in a bag.
  6. Thanks! There are few people who can relate experiences with of boats that are similar-ish in underbody and size.
  7. Both might be the answer. I've never figured out how much Fatty is for real. Yes, he does do it all, but what he writes seems a bit glossed over for the starry eyed magazine readers. The way my particular boat behaves, I get the feeling it needs some way on. It's also not as strong as yours.
  8. So about Silk. If you don't mind, what was the approach here?
  9. Ok, but let's not go kill or jail everyone that raises their head to comment afterwards... I've been thinking about this, (always a dangerous activity). JSD seems the go-to answer these days. But, it seems a more passive method that generates huge loads and in a space constrained environment, the JSD one use/purpose. A drogue generates high loads, but not as much as the JSD and you retain steerage. It also has a dual use for emergency steering (which strikes me as a much more likely failure). A drogue probably does not protect you from that extreme breaking wave event that a JSD wo
  10. So does one have to go full JSD with the loads that brings or do products like a Galerider provide enough drag to keep the boat under control?
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Why you would throw it away even if you're not in the tropics is beyond me. Awnings turn your cockpit into a comfortable veranda. When we lived in Singapore, we had a landed house and the whole first floor could be opened to the deck and garden with no screens (close to zero mosquitos in Sing). We need to up our awning game, bigly. We have this sad little postage stamp of an awning made by some long-defunct CT sail loft. It is supported by PVC tubing and ties to the boom, runners and our "roll-bar". If it rains, it is vaguely waterproof; just pul
  12. That's a nice awning. What did you use as stiffeners? Also, steps to the first spreader?
  13. In a past life I manufactured air compressors and refrigeration compressors. People would be shocked at how many things require a compressor and how much of an industrialized country's national grid goes towards running them. The smallest unit we made was a 1hp oil-free scroll unit, the largest a 5 kilowatt multistage centrifugal compressor. We also made rail-car compressors for passenger rail and vane vacuum pumps for trucks. Anything over 50hp had a fancy three-phase permanent magnet motor and may have had an VCD controller. VCD reduced a lot of electrical consumption within a narrow band
  14. Old things found again are great. A good cover of another great band....
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