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  1. Last year a lot of people at our yard vacillated between launching and not, so it gave the yard conniptions. Same with the moorings at the yacht club where I squatted for a season, ( I lent my boat to my parents since they were between boats). We self-isolated on the boat. This year everyone will be vaccinated, so as long as a nasty variant doesn't show up, we should be OK. But as you say, not a license to go crazy. Maybe this is a year to go East. Last year we went West. We splash as usual in mid-May.
  2. I'm glad to add back a bit of the social aspect, but in terms of cruising, last year was very unique. Many of the most special locations were empty. I wonder if this year will be a zoo? Every time I talk to the yard they are going crazy. Everyone and their brother are splashing.
  3. Japan usually has something interesting going on from this... To this... Pretty metal if you asked me... Apologies for any re-posts...
  4. What? There is no One True Way?? /s That said, I bet the mattresses in the aft cabin of the JPK45 fits perfectly into the chine.
  5. Sadly my balls are also a bit to small as the they sell in the store are all about 30cm. I'd say your balls might be big enough.
  6. I have an olde timey set up: a 135% carbon genoa on an olde skoole Harken MK1 furler that can furl maybe 10-20% without looking like a bedsheet and a staysail with hanks that lives in zip open bag on a wire stay and an even more olde skoole Barbarossa tensioner - you know the kind where the handles fold down? - I added a low-tech downhaul to make sure it doesn't climb back up the shroud. Always works. Storm jib hanks over the top on a dyneema strop. I do what Osprey does, but If I need moah powah, I reef the main first. Works well with the Monior. The issues: There is a hol
  7. Good question. The one I have is about the same size, shape and construction as my Davis Echomaster except that it's black plastic. I put it up simply because I know that whomever hits me will pull this kind of crap.
  8. In daytime make sure you have your anchor ball signal up or you'll get more of the same. The hard part is getting raised fast enough before they hit you.
  9. I have a DHR trawler lamp with a 20" Ideal burner. Came with the boat. Normally hangs over the salon table. Strangely I don't have a photo since it burns most evenings. It's enough light to play cards or a board game. Takes the chill off. And a Weems & Plath that's pretty windproof, but doesn't throw off much useful light.
  10. Well, Maine does seem like the forgotten land of hard dinghies. You'll see a parade most days even though RIBS are still probably the majority. More often than you'd might think, you see someone towing something big like a peapod, dory or whitehall that's half the length of the towing boat. If you can get it up there on your foredeck comfortably, why not?
  11. Regardless, they don't seem to have a clew.
  12. Might be a bit hard to furl with half the sail in the water. Isn't the generally accepted term, "wanking"? Though here they've added a couple of layers.
  13. Had two teak decks. "Repaired" one, replaced the other. When I removed it, I think I netted about 300+lbs weight savings.
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