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  1. The definitive review of PT Cruiser...and good commentary on postmodernism Camry's are for people who view cars as appliances. Like a fridge.
  2. True. "In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey..." It's a theme that cuts across generations and cultures.
  3. If you look closely, that boat is very cleverly rigged with lots of dyneema, low friction rings...etc.... Also, note how nice his sails are and generally how well they are trimmed.
  4. I'm looking forward to more of these. Nice boat, nicely set up...good production values. Worthy of more subs IMO.
  5. I don't bother dodging under sail anymore, as long as it doesn't go right under the boat in front of the rudder, we're good. I don't have a cutter either.
  6. I hear there is a good distillery there…
  7. I hear you. Although I love Frank, as a card carry member of the Philistine sect, I can't listen to this for more than five minutes.
  8. Seems celestial from a Submarine is harder than we thought.
  9. For our shakedown cruise I am aiming to re-visit Newfoundland, 'rona permitting. Last time I was there they were still fishing Cod.
  10. My first recommendation would be to get better advice.
  11. Oh, thanks. Now I’ll actually be listening for it. Must be a YouTube thing.
  12. As a teenager, I kind of caught the end of it. I had the chance to sail with a crusty old couple who kept a surprisingly accurate DR, did 3 sights a day weather depending, were very, very, picky about watch keeping habits; very, very picky about how everything on the boat got done (do it wrong, you heard about it), were the worst cooks I ever sailed with and probably drank a bit too much. We used a leadline to confirm the bottom composition, and RDF and hand bearing compass to run LOPs. The engine was unreliable, so everything was done under sail. Unfortunately, I was too busy being a teena
  13. A laminate of seacocks and disposition (open, closed, when, what) is nice to have attached to the bulkhead at the now superfluous nav station along with one of safety/fire/damage control gear. I guess you could place those anywhere, really. Stowage evolves, so we found we like a paper print out, so far.
  14. I always enjoyed this movie on the last of the axe forging in Oakland ME. I’m not sure we want to go back those kind of OSHA free work environments….
  15. It's a tough thing when not everyone shares the dream and if someone really has that kind of dream it's best to let go and let them follow it. The CO things is silly, but convincing eccentric older menpeople to do things they don't want is an exercise in futility.
  16. I think one just has to get out there and experiment. I am also very thankful people like Evan and others have written down their findings. Stan Honey saved me a lot of money and improved my galley set-up, of all things, with his blog posting on a sink pump!
  17. http://honeynav.com/outgrabber-on-spinnaker-sheet/ I've experimented with this... A bit of a fuss to set-up if you are not on the same gybe for a long time, but works well for anything you need a pole on the leeward side.
  18. There we go - twin poles and a windvane. Does he talk about how he runs it single handed?
  19. We have none of those things, except some solar, a radar, a 90lb hard dinghy and a windvane.
  20. Why do 8/10 cruisers hate proper halyard tension? Too cheep to buy decent halyards and too lazy to adjust them? Between the safety gear, the anchor gear, the sails, the tools, the spares, the personal gear (cold and hot weather), provisioning, the dinghy...maybe a toy or two...the boat really begins to feel like a 10lb sack with 15lbs of shit in it. Everything seems to weigh a lot and even when sailing a steamroller you can feel the difference. The line between being self reliant and having too much crap seems a fine line.
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