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  1. Do the 88’s use gin poles to raise/lower the mast, or do you rely on Marina cranes?
  2. I miss that Mt. Vernon theater. Who needed the damn CostCo anyway. And I could walk to it.
  3. Said James, "In my opinion, there's nothing in this world Beats a '52 Vincent and a Redheaded girl. Now Nortons and Indians and Greavses won't do. Oh, they don't have a Soul like a Vincent '52."
  4. il1395


    Looks very Beneteau-ish to me.
  5. All new orders should have completion bonds!
  6. There was one in Annapolis when they first came out. I got to sail in it in a non-spin frostbite race. Can’t recall the good or bad. That was many years ago.
  7. Great product but I had the same issue with the solid clump. Shake it twice at Home Depot then drive line a scalded fog to get to the marina and apply. I’ve asked Pettit but they just give a generic “yes it has a high solid content” answer. Again, great product when finished but not easy to use.
  8. Lloyd it is! Thanks for the recommendations.
  9. Anyone have recommendations on a good surveyor in the Hampton, VA area for a pre-purchase survey and sea trial? I've found several in the area, just looking for recommendations from people who have used them. Thanks!
  10. I think Wooden Boat is the only magazine left that proofreads before going to print. They still miss a few. But the others - Sail, Sailing, Sailing World, Cruising World - it’s like reading a third graders writing assignment.
  11. “Papaya”, the yellow and orange 22 is at Machodoc Creek Marina (or was this summer) in Dahlgren, VA. Give them a call. Ask for Jeff. He may be able to point you to the owner. But you should pick up the 26 that’s listed in the SA classifieds so I can get a bigger boat!!!!!
  12. For the lifting keel boats, how does it work? Do you raise/drop the keel at the crane, or can you do it on the way to the racecourse (for those of us in shallow marinas)?
  13. There's a fast Lindenberg 26 for sale in the Classifieds!
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