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  1. SOCK puppets !! Will you PLEASE at least TRY to proofread your posts!?!?! i am NOT that kind of girl!!!!
  2. I quoted you one time so Gouv can see one last flailing attempt to troll him. He has just announced his placement of you on his ignore list. You must have really come off to him as a totally useless waste of oxygen. He willingly reads posts from all but 0.01% of the forum members. Perhaps you should do some introspection about why Gouvernail would place you in the same category as SVairlie, Poopie Pants, and Folding Prop. No one could possibly be a proud member of that group. Bye Bye!!!
  3. Gaaannnnddddtttt??? Wessssss?? Eyepeeler?? Crappy Drawers?? Where are the hourly updates??
  4. You are quite the sick callous person Nacradude but I really don't think your public announcement belongs in our Joke thread
  5. Please!!! One of you must know how to give us a link to the results of Thursday's hearing!!!
  6. This goddess does not approve of hate puppets. Life is far too short to interact EVER with those who spew hate. We can tolerate love and peace distributed anonymously but the one who spews hate while attempting to disguise himself brings only shame upon his mother. There is no need to publish your name here mr hatepuppet. Your shame comes to you from within as you realize the disrespect you have demonstrated to the mother who tried so hard to bring up a good person and instead has repeatedly died knowing she contributed you to the world. Yes mr Hater of all. We believe you do hate
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