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  1. He was a brilliant conman. He's only able to con stupid people now
  2. It's been a few years since any activity from me. About 4 years ago I started a thread "President Trump - crystal ball gazing" that had a few responses & predictions around Trump becoming POTUS Unsurprisingly many predictions were quite accurate...time for another! My predictions for the next 4 months - because a Trump month is like a year for normal people Trump will be re-elected by people full of rage & conspiracy hype, voting against their own best interests Those voters won't really understand what or who they're voting for other than the 'fuck you' Trump senti
  3. More shot & murdered, what a celebration of American freedoms & societal values
  4. This entire debate is bogus unless it's applied equally to each sex. Nobody seems to be concerned about a Trans using male amenities regardless of which gender they (the trans) identify with
  5. Appleby's boat had a recent conversion to a cruiser racer which included a swept aft rig. Last seen in Woodford Bay on the Lane Cover River
  6. Was Fudge a Bumblebee? Who remembers the great hope Cyclone, when bad rules catch out naughty boats! I recall Fudge as the ex-Matador, Farr design. Went to Airlie from memory
  7. But they were Johnny on the Spot wrt Ebola in Nigeria. Knocked it right out, they did. Well, Nigerians are capable of extraordinary vigilance, like when a flock of fruit bats might fly overhead. Fruit bats are perhaps largest bats in the world, and like all good aviators, will not abide even a little excess weight on board. Are these African or European fruit bats? African. Straw colored fruit bats, and when they are around, people are vigilant, although that word seems insufficient. They will swarm during the day too. Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to have a hal
  8. I'm going with billboards & urban witchcraft Apparently hydration keeps sufferers alive too. Who would have thought?
  9. Don't sell it short...Nigeria has been fixed as well http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/statements/2014/nigeria-ends-ebola/en/ WHO declares end of Ebola outbreak in NigeriaStatement 20 October 2014 The Ebola virus was introduced into Nigeria on 20 July when an infected Liberian man arrived by aeroplane into Lagos, Africa's most populous city. The man, who died in hospital 5 days later, set off a chain of transmission that infected a total of 19 people, of whom 7 died. According to WHO recommendations, the end of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in a country can be declared once 4
  10. Never happened, leftist propaganda at its worst. The indigenous indians were begging for liberation & boots on the ground
  11. Not as silly as this fella....what's going on with the protective clothing strategies....? Has someone developed invisible versions?
  12. Sounds like a valid reason to whip out the 2A & maintain some liberty
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