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  1. The Mumm 36 was one of the boats that if sailed to the max, beat the hell out of the crew. Farr and Caroll Marine (Barely Cares Marine) doomed the Mumm 36 when the genius' decided to sail the Mumm 36 and Mumm 30 on the line together. I believe it was in Annapolis and it brought about an immediate end to the Mumm 36 class. I had a lot of good times on those boats and met some amazing mates, but damn those things would beat you up. Today... could make a good Wednesday night racer. Especially if someone could retro fit with swept back spreaders so it could sail without runners. The Caro
  2. Wow... Hull #1. I did a few tours on that boat. Got off and never looked back, until now.
  3. That was an interesting race. I never envisioned winning that race in those conditions. Lots of holes. We found one just South of the gate, but were still in pretty good position once we got out of it. Also, first time I've ever made it to the party. Glad we had a designated driver.
  4. Confirmed. My father passed this morning after a long long bout with Parkinson's. He was surrounded by family and as comfortable as possible. He has at peace now. The last time we really spoke he was trying to figure out a ride for the Wednesday night beer can. He loved racing like no other. Thanks
  5. Anyone ever answer your question.... It's some dumbass named Sam Nedeau The Sam Nedeau that sailed on Dolphin in the 90s? I thought he got pinched in the Rest Area sting on 31 up near Whitehall. Well, at least no one is arguing the dumbass characterization. Same guy. He also hung out at the famous Port Huron establshment known as Yourkshire the night before the BYC Macs
  6. Anyone ever answer your question.... It's some dumbass named Sam Nedeau
  7. I don't even want to think about what the affect of a 13 ft increase would do. Good God
  8. can you give us non-members a hint at what to look forward to seeing new and / or renovated in May when I show up to race ? Also does this makeover include more parking ?/C'mon Triple Zeros answer the question! Did you add more non-member parking? You're on the board, you should know these things. just saw this. lartaunt answered. bar looks awesome, incredible change! -000 "more non-member parking" Now that is good stuff...
  9. Hey, I reported it as accurately as most stuff on hereā€¦. Sorry Sam! Now that is some funny (and true) stuff right there
  10. That's close The final was actually Josh v. Sam. It was fun and heated. Nice job to Josh's team
  11. Thanks for Posting and hats off to the crew of Magic
  12. Sorry if already posted, but how about Scaramouch
  13. How about Pied Piper, Stripes and all the other S/C 70s?
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