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  1. That's great let me know if you want OMR rating and we will get you measured .
  2. https://abrw.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR1d9SpNqVNK97mae2bv8VQja-OBhaSb10PHdzp7ORySAMveBwj4QokBNQ4
  3. Airlie Beach multi nationals 12th -19th August 2021 Most of you have been here and love the race venue around the Island and windward leewards in the bay .We are very happy to take this up in these hard times of covid and are here to help where we can just ask. Sunny Queensland are just willing you all to come and join us again in this great warm sailing Mecca . Brilliant one day perfect the next .
  4. That will be Wednesday for you yanks
  5. By the sail shape if this is up wind you need to pull on another 1.5 2 meters of main sheet .this will take out the extreme depth in the middle of the main and also give you some forestay tension . Hope this helps
  6. I am a professional ship wright and surveyor, I also had professional relationship with Jason on his refit . At the time I designed and built some carbonfibre parts for him .I always found Jason to be of the upmost integrity and a very good understanding of the job ,boat and its structural application . I have not seen Jason get into this abuse as that is not his style .But Bottman just keep pulling down someone that is just trying to inform him of his own experiences .I can vouch for my experience on Jasons integrity but from what is written I can't say much for this block . Just
  7. Well said Peter . Normally the louder someone disagrees with the rule the bigger the ego and less the skill .Just my experience . I find this well written and a and a down to earth look at the rule .If people are winging they might need to look at their own sailing first . Thanks Peter for all the time you have put into OMR over the years .
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the regatta .Next time come and introduce yourself at the club we are a happy party bunch that just like to talk boats ,The relationships you build usually keep people coming back . Hope to see you next year .
  9. Looking forward to meeting you when you get here, is there any thing you need and is there any measuring or weighing to be done on your boat .Have a good trip it is a long drive be safe .
  10. Anyone need yard storage as usual have lots of room .
  11. Just love all the rope clean up systems and such a cool boat . Rates 1.026 (fast)
  12. Ok cool that sounds like a couple of beers coming up Will she make race week .?
  13. New popular type float designs F22 How are you mate ,Hope all is well in your world Sorry had a few drinks and did that post .We will have a beer and talk design theories next we met as we all have different ideas that is what make us interesting as people and you are more interesting than most . The new boat is obviously a quality product and I'm very interested in seeing it first hand as I'm shore so many others are . Will it arrive before race week ? Hope Ian doesn't go into a rant so I will not post here again .All the best to all involved it looks great Very sincerely Shan
  14. Quality of work looks great Float shape still looks outdated for a new boat even with more buoyancy aft.
  15. Oi Shane,

    A Sprint from Mooloolaba just built has nominated and I am out of town till race week, can you guys measure it for him with other jobs up there? Can u send email address pls for other questions?



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