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  1. Funniest thing I’ve read today ! Yes why the token Maori ? And Street ? And compulsory white shoes for everyone too. Funny as !
  2. Course C I think is listed on that AmCuo site. North Head best place forwatching or on TV
  3. More videos to come, my friends are busy sailing on fringes of the course, not keen to stray onto race area !
  4. Pretty much not worth posting sorry. . . . Live from course 4.05 pm NZT
  5. 9knts out there at present. Just had a video chat to my friends. They are about to film Prada and will hopefully forward that to me NZ and AM have shot up from the start line at full speed , but both stopped and having a chat ! Didn’t get to top Mark apparently Ineos headed home possibly
  6. They’re just cycled home from school . My peace is gone now , off to the pool. Damn but I have asked my guys to send video etc ASAP so will see how we go.
  7. Cheers. My boat partner is chugging out there in our keeler past Musick pount. I’m stuck at home about to take kids to swim club. Bugger shit poor timing
  8. Thank you MikeNZ. Are you on Musick Point ? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question ) I’m looking at the small screen on my phone
  9. I’ve got friends going out on my yacht on Tuesday arvo , (I’m busy with kids after school activities sadly) , so will encourage them to film something for us all.
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