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  1. That was total all boats up to then.
  2. Not an ad but I found this cool Americas Cup Yacht Race Handbook and Pocket Guide from 1901. Total booklet is 24 pages newsprint.
  3. I already linked to a photo of my wife. Let's see yours. Mike, will a photo of Regatta Dog's girl friend satisfy your needs? That would be "former girlfriend". RD has moved on to younger chicks..... Younger? What are they, like 15? No, I reckon his daughter is nearly 15, and he's an honorable bloke, for sure. Dunno, but I would wager he is targeting 22 to 24. I know of one of our younger mates, who he was ready to cut his lunch, when the opportunity seemed to arise. I nearly had to bitch slap him.. Fortunately, my daughters live 700 miles away in C
  4. No they are just my Dunlop KT 26 Joggers that I aquired in my travels to Austria where I sold boomerangs to the Aborigines (Aborigines are the black people in Austria). The boomerangs I sold them were my own design and produced a greater kill rate on iguanas which the aborigines ate. Iguana meat is very sweet and tender when cooked properly over an open fire, the aborigines had about 40,000 years to perfect this technique but still overcooked the odd one. Austria? Seriously? I don't recall seeing iguanas or aborigines in Innsbruck. I did however see both in Syndey.
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